Bonus Clip! Leah Prepares for a Custody Battle

Leah Calvert Hair

In a bonus clip of last week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah goes to get her hair done for her upcoming court hearing. She chats with her stylist friend about Corey trying to get full custody of the twins.

“I’m very nervous… to me I’m pissed off on a personal level because I took it personal… for someone to say you’re a good mother and turn around and try to take custody…” She vents.

The stylist tells her that the girls should have both her parents and that Leah and Corey should work together. Leah agrees completely, as long as she is the primary care taker.

Watch the full Bonus Scene HERE.


  1. Wait, she had money to get high lights but not pay for Ali’s medical bills or willchair??? Let alone food for her girlses??? Priorities!

  2. That’s exactly what I think. Getting her hair done before court? In my opinion she’s either getting all dolled up because she knows she’s in the word and want to make herself look and seem better or she doesn’t have her priorities in order. Both of which are wrong. I have cerebral palsy and was in a similar program when I was a child. There were people I went to therapy with that were threatened to be cut from the program. If she had only missed two therapy appointments as she stated, she wouldn’t be cut from the program. Intentionally missing your child’s therapy appointments is sick. Experiencing therapy myself and seeing others with the same illness I know how important that is. Corey is in the right. If she can’t take care of her children they need to be elsewhere.

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