Video/Photos! Farrah Abraham Performs Her Song ‘Blowin’ LIVE


Farrah Abraham performed her new song ‘Blowin’ for the first time live at the 340 nightclub in Pomona CA. (Which is described as the #1 gay/lesbian nightspot on their instagram account.) Here’s a clip of Farrah singing her single up on stage:

The official music video was removed from Farrah’s official youtube channel but I did find it on another random channel so if you haven’t seen it… watch it below:


  1. OMG she’s a attention seeker for sure First Teen mom, porn star now a horrible want to be singer. I feel sorry her daughter and her family . I would never want to hear this song again.

  2. This is dumb as hell. Really no one should acknowledge her exsistance. She’s stupid as hell and MTV shouldn’t keep helping her push for her fame that’s all she wants. I feel bad for her daughter

  3. Can u say auto tune. This is horrible. Anything to hold on to her dwindling 15 min of fame. Now she is coming off desperate. So much botox she shows no emotions on her face.

  4. This sounds so bad I cant believe people keep her relevant my ears were hurting after a few seconds I had to turn it off

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