Adam Lind Expecting a THIRD Baby??


Holy crap you guys… according to a new report it’s possible that Chelsea Houska’s ex/baby daddy is expecting ANOTHER baby by another woman. That would make three babies by three different ladies. 

RadarOnline says the girl’s name is Wendy and that she could be carrying Adam’s child after the two “hooked up” according to their inside source.

When Adam was trying to work things out with Taylor, he was hooking up with Wendy,” the source revealed. “He was also hooking up with like four to five other girls at one time. This was in June 2014.

However the source does admit that “Wendy could just be saying it for her five minutes of fame.

Head over to Radar for the full story!


  1. WHITE TRASH -what does he care about other chelsea ,the goverment
    Will pay for the other 2 babies ..white trash just live off of the system

  2. How but he learns how to wrap it before he taps it… He’s nasty! I’m glad his and Chelsea are done she can do so much better.

  3. I feel bad saying it but I hope this is true. Anyone dumb enough to sleep with Adam and not make sure he’s wearing a condom or be on birth control — Actually never mind that sounds REALLY bad. I hope it’s truebecause that’s more child support for this deadbeat to owe. I think he’s a felon so I don’t think he can get the government to pay for it. Plus I’m pretty sure his salary from TM2 is too much to qualify for welfare. My bf makes 5K a month and we don’t qualify for medical or foodstamps.

    • Unless you have a family of like 15 people that you are trying to feed, no one making $5K a month should qualify for food stamps.

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