Kailyn Lowry Apologizes for Racial Comments

Teen Mom 2 Jo Isaac

In the season finale of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Kailyn was called out for making some comments that came off a little bit… well, racist. Jo shared text messages that Kailyn had sent him telling him that Isaac is “half white” and “little white boys don’t dress like that,” in reference to a new haircut Jo had gotten Isaac and the way Jo dresses him during visitation.

Kail had been dreading this episode because she claims the comments came out the wrong way. She says she is clearly not racist considering the fact that she has two bi-racial children. She just wants for them to embrace both their cultures.

In a new exclusive by The Ashley, Kailyn’s friend reveals that the fight in question had actually occurred a month prior to the filming of that episode. In fact she claims that MTV pressured Jo into talking about the racial texts on camera for the drama. Apparently they had already resolved the disagreement which is why Kailyn got so mad that he brought it up and stormed off.

Despite feeling like she was set up Kail understands that her words were offensive to many and she tells MTV, “I’m deeply sorry for making those comments. They were not representative of who I am. Diversity is something I value, especially in my own family.


  1. She was wrong to make that comment & to top it off she was also wrong telling Joe that dress like a thug when he don’t she need to stop her crap

  2. She said it and she meant it. She is married 2 Spanish men, basically she has aditmitted she is is a racist. Go get another tattoo, kailyn — you are white trash.

  3. Kailyn isnt racist. Shr loves multicultural D!! I agree joe completely changes issac and it isnt fair. He wants him to look Hispanic with shorT hair to match hisHispanic daddy. But Isaac wants to wear what hes comfy in and yes she shouldnt have made comments in that manner, but shes right

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