Did Leah Calvert Lose Custody of the Girls??? She Speaks Out:


There is a new rumor floating around that Leah Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2’ has already lost custody of her daughters, Ali and Aleeah, to their father Corey Simms.

Corey and Leah are currently battling to be the primary caretaker of their daughters after some disputes about child support and parenting styles. Corey feels that he should have more control over how his daughters are raised and is willing to only work on weekends in order to have the twins 5 days a week.


The battle is not yet over despite the new rumors. Leah took to Facebook to clear things up, “I don’t know who nor do I care who went to a magazine and started rumors but I DID NOT LOSE CUSTODY OF ALI AND ALEEAH. The custody agreement remains the same as it always has.

Who do you think should be the primary caretaker of Ali and Aleeah? Comment below with your thoughts!


  1. All i have to say is it does not matter who has the girls it is what is best for them.i think leah loves her girls but on the other hand all i ever here from her is money corey loves his girls but that does not mean leah is a bad mom she does everything for her girls.i just think corey does not want to pay childsupport,these little girls are get pushed and pulled between leah and corey someone needs to step in and take charge just because leah missed a couple appointment does not mean she is a bad mom this madness needs to stop.i know leah needs to stop with asking for more more more childsupport she needs to be greatfull that corey is in the girls life most fathers are not in there kids life.my ex husband paid childsupport but did not want anything to do with them.stop worring about the money…

    • Corey wasn’t even paying the $800 a month ordered by the courts. That’s only $100 a week per child. There are many Dad’s out there paying more than that who don’t make the kind of money Corey does. Don’t forget one of the girls has special needs. Corey doesn’t want to pay any child support. That’s pretty sad. You make it sound like Leah should just let it slide. That’s just not right. He is letting another man support his children. Father’s who don’t pay child support are DEAD BEAT DAD’S. Sure he’s willing to only work weekends so he can stay home 5 days with them. You can bet he would be demanding child support from Leah.

      • Yes i think corey is a low down person for a dad ….all he want is to keep him money to send on that sad as women that’s sitting on the side of him, he should be paying the 1000 dollars to that girl because she was the one doing for they girls she had to call him to come….i think he is a sad as man to take them girls away from them mom. …its all about money with him i never heard him said not one time how much he love his girls from the heart……
        I was a teen mom with three, she is doing a good job with them girls he walked away from his family , i did it by my self and i thank God for my Beautiful children because all my children are with they FAMILY’S and doing good…..corey sit your sad but down somewhere….

      • How on earth do you know how much money Corey makes for a living? You crazy people act like you know them personally! Good God!

        • There are guidelines for child support. If Corey is ordered to pay $800 then he should pay $800/month, not a measly $200/month. That’s ridiculous. It’s not difficult to figure out he should be able to pay the $800/month considering the truck he can afford to drive around in. No one has to know him personally. It’s common sense.

        • Amen! Thats how everybody acts just because they see alittle glimpse of their lives on tv.

      • Well how bout the man that does pay child support but the mother doesn’t want you to have anything to do with the child what’s that?

      • Ya know what’s funny is u seem like a man hater lol an for 1 my Husband has Full Custody of his children…..an guess what SHE doesn’t Pay Shit so if that was my husband he would be in JAIL for that….but nope not poor ass mommy of the kids…. She pays NOTHING sooo for all the Leah lovers ur crazy SOME MEN are normal at least Cory pays all she does is cry bout Corys Insurance for the chair (and everything else) lol u guys need to look at the whole picture !!!!!!!!

      • Are you for real $800 a month how the hell do you get $100 a week think you need to go back to school

        • The comment reads “$100 a week PER CHILD”. Instead of insulting someone intelligence, how about you go buy some eye glasses (:

    • So you don’t think Leah has a valid argument for support? Corey is ordered to pay $800/month and according to Leah, has only been giving her $200/month. That’s NOT okay, yet your opinion is that she not worry about it? Wow.

      Child support is based on the salary of the paying parent. Most everyone’s pay increases as time goes on. If there is a significant increase, the custodial parent has every right to get the support order amended accordingly. However, Leah is only getting 25% of the ordered amount for the girls. It wasn’t clear to me that Leah was asking for additional money. She wants what the girls are entitled to, however, If Leah is taking Corey to court for that, and his pay has been increased, why not get it done in one shot? That’s the smart AND convenient thing to do. If Corey didn’t slack on his payments in the first place, I doubt Leah would worry about additional money, IF that’s what she’s asking for.

      Everyone should want what’s best for the girls, especially their father. Her one daughter has high medical bills. Why shouldn’t Corey be responsible for at least half of what insurance doesn’t pay?

      I just don’t get how you think Leah is being unreasonable in this situation. If you didn’t care that your children’s father wasn’t taking care of his responsibilities, that was your choice not to fight for what your kids were entitled to. I’ll also bet that you didn’t have a child that had enormous expenses for a rare disease. In any case, I wouldn’t suggest to any custodial parent not to fight for what their children deserve and I certainly would NEVER fault them for doing so.

      • In most states if someone is ordered to pay $800 a month in child support it is paid through the courts.

      • That should be your first clue. ‘Leah said’ pfft. She cried for months over corey ‘not trying hard enough’ for Ali’s chair. What did she do to help
        Pay for it? Where’d all her mtv money go? She could have used it to pay for it, instead she blew it all on makeup. Maybe it’s not about not wanting to pay child support. Maybe it’s him being tired of being her personal ATM. He didn’t make those babies himself and neither did jermey. Yet they’re the only ones supporting them.

    • I understand what u are saying but she needs the money an he does not pay and that baby has a lot of problems that she has to personally pay out of pocket for its unfair for him to not pay when it was court ordered im the first place and my ex doesn’t pay crap to me nor is he in their lives he could care less about my girls she is lucky Cory wants to be but at the same time she’s payin for everything herself an has three kids not just one and the baby is sick an Leah is payin for all medical support Cory should be responsible for half at least and she’s a great mom and I believe Cory just doesn’t wanna pay what he doesn’t understand is that he’s gonna be paying more with custody then he would to just pay her the childsupport

  2. Leah should keep custody of the girls and not Corey and Miranda he doesn’t really care about them yea its a good thing that he has hope but at the same time he needs to accept the fact that Ali needs to be in a wheelchair. If he cared so much about the girls like he says he does then he would take Ali’s wheelchair with him whenever they go to his house like when he took it for the first time when he was taking them to the zoo he would have taken it then instead of leaving it at the house just because it was going to slow who the hell cares if it was going to slow that is your daughter and she needs it and she likes being it and that should be what matters the most

      • Corey can not physically care for the girls with out the direct help of his family. Never saw him change one diaper yet we saw Leah feeding one while changing the other. He hasn’t been paying the court ordered child support. If he can’t pay that how is he going to support them on a 50/50 basis? $800 a month sure isn’t 50% of their needs.

        • You should re watch the entire show. Corey is a great dad. Also you would be surprised to find out just how much help leah has from her and Jeremy’s family.

        • to queenjamieb – Corey has weaknesses as a father but it doesn’t mean he’s not a great dad. It also doesn’t mean that he would be able to care for them full time or should care for them full time. Why did he wait until Leah asked for the money she deserved from him before fighting for custody? Sounds more like to me that Corey doesn’t want to have to pay what he should. Also believe he wants Leah to be the one paying him. The timing is ultra disturbing to me. If he really cared for the girls, he would never take them away from their mom and sister. If anything, ask for 50/50, but that’s not what he did. So now he’s paying a lawyer 50 times as much as what he owed Leah for his children. Brilliant? Nope – greedy and spiteful. He even told his father he was doing the best he could when it came to support. There are specific guidelines for support which are based on his income. He can afford that big, new, shiny truck, but not support for his girls? Sorry, a “great” dad wouldn’t do what he’s doing.

          As far as Leah getting help from her family, you say it as if it’s a bad thing. She has THREE daughters, one with an extreme disability, and is alone 90% of the time. She would be irresponsible to NOT ask for help! It’s a bit different than relying on others to change diapers and other simple tasks, not to mention his inability to pay the correct amount of support which isn’t a whole heck of a lot to begin with. $200/month and he’s complaining that it’s the best he can do. That’s just pitiful.

        • You do realize that you do not see their whole lives on TV right? You do realize that there is a WHOLE ton of time that they do not film??? How in the world do you know what he has done for them, or what Leah has done for them??

        • honestmind – and there’s that too. lol We should “rewatch the entire show” to somehow know that Corey is a great dad yet we’d be “surprised” how much help Leah gets. hmmmmm Just one example of many.

        • I think it’s easy to make it look like he is just greedy and doesn’t want to pay. But honestly if he’s that bad of a guy why even want to be bothered to take on the bigger responsibility of taking care of the girls full time and have to deal with Ali’s condition/ therapy etc? To me it seems easier to just pay the money. As it was pointed out in the reunion Leah is always strung out over having to deal with all three kids and I think that it’s finally catching up with her. Now there is concern about her being on pills and not taking Ali to school and therapy. Real concerns with documented proof that she has been slacking. I think I have a different perspective on this because I value the role of an active father figure and I feel that good fathers should have equal rights to their children. If anything I think Corey would be happy with 50/50 custody and having the girls at least 50% of the time. Which is perfectly fair. You guys don’t see how often Leah leaves the girls with family members. They don’t show that sort of thing on the show. So using the fact that Corey has a supportive family against him is just silly to me. Leah’s family spends just as much if not more time with the twins than Corey’s family does. Anyway that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about it! <3

        • It’s that how it works, if mtv didn’t film it, it didn’t happen? 😂 there are some real idiots in this world.

  3. Leah should not loos custody of her kids she has done everything for her girl do have watched every episode from when them girls was born and she is one amazing mum 21 with 3 kids I don’t no how she can Cope but she dose that is what I love about her she Dosant walk away she faces up to her problems

  4. I agree that a court appointed attorney needs to guide the judge in the decision as to who should have full time custody of these two young girls. Both parents are so busy pointing fingers, freely tossing out accusations and becoming extremely defensive that two innocent little ones are caught in the crossfire. No doubt both parents love their daughters, but to hear the girls crying out for attention in their car seats while mom and dad point fingers and raise their voices has got to be an emotional roller coaster for Ali and Aleeah. At the very least, some hardcore parenting classes are needed for both these parents. It’s time to put the twins first!

  5. Teen Mom all the time and I think that Leah is a great mother. Been there for the girls. Corey just being selfish he does not use the wheelchair as he supposed to. And that’s not good for her legs. They should leave leah with the girls

  6. Leah should shes a good mom I dont understand why you cant do 50/50 thats the only thing that makes sense????????????????

    • Leah should have the girls and corey should get super vise visit.Corey has not done nothing to help Leah with the girls

  7. I think Leah should keep the girls she is a great mom. Cory just doesn’t want to pay child support.

    • Bingo! His timing on this request says it all. Icing on the cake for him is making Leah pay the support to him. He’s just being spiteful and is “punishing” Leah for not letting him continue to slack off on support. Like he told his father, he’s “doing the best he can.” Of course he is considering all the money he spends on his expensive “toys” which are obviously more important to him. smh

  8. Leah , I hope and pray that you keep custody of the girls. You are their mother and a mother should always have them in their care. You are a good Mom and Corey is being encouraged by Miranda to get the kids so she will have more money to spend. She should keep her nose out of you and Corey’s business Yes you should have full custody of Ali and Aleah Grace. Hang in there and things will work out for you. Mary Dillard

    • I agree. I think Corey should get the girls. Leah has cheated more then one time. She is the one that broke up their marriage. Also, she was quick to find another man and quick to get pregnant again. Then sadly she miscarried but got pregnant again. When you have a special needs child your main focus should be on that child. Having another one just because is wrong.
      She also does not care about money. She spends, spends and spends.
      Every time Corey gets a raise she wants more money. She is not taking her daughter to therapy like she is supposed to. She has to much on her plate.
      Everyone should stop feeling sorry for her and her parents need to let her live her own life. If she makes a mistake do not go running to mommy and daddy.

    • Right. That’s what it is. Why shouldn’t Leah be happy with $200/month when he’s supposed to pay $800/month? Why should he have to help pay for medical bills? Why shouldn’t be able to buy everything expensive for himself but only pay $25/week per child? Wow. If anyone is money hungry, it’s Corey. He didn’t ask for custody until Leah requested that he pay what he’s ordered to pay and not only 25% of it. It’s not rocket science to figure this one out.

  9. It’s funny he didn’t start fighting for custody till the child support came up duh it don’t take a lot to figure it out

  10. I think they should do it to where they get each a week that would be the fair thing to do don’t you think I hope that she an Corey can work things out about who gets the girls on what weeks instead of hurting them poor babies no kids should be taken away from the mother unless they are seriously getting mistreated or hurt or beaten so I don’t see no need for this custody battle is this can work things out of getting them for a week each

  11. I think they need joint custody and no child support. They each have equal time and they support them while they have them. They have a sister that needs to be considered in this and should not be seperated from her either. Both sets of parents are good at caring for the girls and the bashing g needs to stop. And whom ever has Ali on the week of appts is the one that should be responsible for getting her there that way they both are sharing the responsibilities… Just my opinion been there done that

  12. They should hsve joint custody Corey and Leahnare good parents they need to work together n Leah n her husband need to syop tslking bad about Corey in front of the girls.Leah is immature n selfish!!!!!!

  13. Leah should keep the girls the one episode he had to have his girlfriend or whatever go to the girl appt. Cause he had to work like wtf Corey your a piece of crap that thru a baby fit cause of child support man up n pay the damn child support! You throw a fit that your getting custody but you can’t even pay child support lmao! Pathetic!!

  14. I think Leah is an amazing mother, and has dedicated everything to her children’s needs, especially with a special it takes alot of patience and loving for a child with special needs, from a mother’s prospective I am a mother I think children to need be with there mother, yes dads are parents too, but a mothers love for her child goes extra miles and extra steps, especially in this situation having a child that is special with certain medical conditions, Leah is a strongest women I’ve seen to beable to through and be strong for her daughter’s sake and the fact she has twins and another little one. Ally needs her momma more now than ever, these years will never beable to come back, and far as Corey yes I thinks he a great dad, but he needs too think a little more about them girls and there wants, and the fact of them going to need to there mom, instead of on his convenience. It shouldn’t be about anything except what’s best for them. And that’s being with Leah and letting her do the job that she has always done! Way to go Leah for being an amazing mom and putting your children first.

    • Corey doesn’t want to pay Leah child support which is what sparked this custody battle IMO. I don’t think custody should be 50/50. I think things should stay the same. The girls need stability, especially the precious, little one with special needs. Leah seems to be very level headed when it comes to her condition whereas Corey has been in denial.

  15. I think leah should kerp the girls she carried them in her belly gave birth to them so she deserves them

  16. Does anyone else find it interesting that Corey did not criticize Leah’s parenting or seek out primary custody until she asked for more child support and the ability to make medical decisions for Ali? Now he is “willing” to take a job only working 2 days a week and pay no support while being the primary parent for the girls. Again…I’m not seeing who this benefits other than Corey.

  17. Leah she hasn’t done nothing wrong as a parent she had them all there life there’s no reason to change it up now Corey works way to much and won’t have time for his girl’s Leah a stay at home mom so she should have them cuz she has all the time they need

  18. Leah is a no good money hungry wh*re. And yes, Corey has changed diapers. He used to put his shirt over his face! You Leah fan girls are idiots. Unless you are all Leah or her country bumpkin kin!! Still idiots!! More structure at Corey and Miranda’s home than at Leah’s! At leas they don’t have the girlses sitting on pots at the table like a booster seat! And they wear actual clothes and not bras, under wear and some high heels!

    • I do not believe that every person that feels like Corey is looking out for himself must be Leah or her kin as you stated. Furthermore I think it is very ignorant to stereotype everyone that does not agree with you as idiots. I personally do not see Leah as some perfect parent…as no perfect parent exists. What I have seen is a young mother that loves her girls. If all we have to chastise her with is a child sitting on a pot and little girls putting on their mothers clothing, I would say it could definitely be worse. I personally think that if Corey truly believed Leah’s environment was unsuitable for his little girls, he should not have waited to raise the issue until he was asked to pay more than $200 a month in support. Just doesn’t make sense to me….and my 4.0 GPA would suggest that I am not an idiot 🙂

    • You are obviously overwhelmingly in the minority in your opinion. Why would you even state that “we are all Leah”? Probably because you’re Corey or his “kin.” Your comment has too many details that no one just watching the show would know. Also, you’re obviously emotionally involved or else you wouldn’t be so dang angry and insulting.

      I’m not a “fan” of anyone’s. I watch the show but am mature enough to know they are regular people like the rest of us and I certainly don’t know them personally, therefore neither love nor adore any of them. From what I see, Leah is a great mother who loves her children more than life itself. She can look at her daughter’s condition with a level head instead of living with it in the clouds like Corey.

      Corey can’t even pay the child support he’s supposed to pay each month. I also find it suspect that he didn’t file for custody until Leah decided she had enough with Corey giving her a fraction of what’s required of him yet he can drive around in an expensive truck. He was being very lackadaisical about his daughter’s disability which is disturbing for many reasons. Can he not handle having a daughter who needs an extraordinary amount of care? Is he embarrassed because his daughter isn’t “perfect”? Or does he not have interest in educating himself about her condition, therefore, unknowing the seriousness of it?

      I’m sure if you do respond to my comment it will be nothing more than a rant full of insults and mockery which is what one does when they aren’t educated or don’t have a valid argument. I don’t care enough to check back anyway so rant away if you’d like. Go at it. Make yourself look like a bigger fool than you already have.

  19. I can’t believe that it isn’t clear to everyone that once Corey’s easy ride was going to come to an end is when this all started happening. Doesn’t anyone understand how little $200 a month for the care, housing, clothing, feeding and medical attention, etc for two children is on his part? And he didn’t always pay that in full or on time!! Only once Leah threatened to get a court mandated payment put into place did he say he would quit work, give up his truck, stay home and take those kids to school and Ali to therapy! Oh and I just LOVED it when he said well, if she needed help getting her to therapy my family would’ve took her. Why does Leah have to ask?!?!?! That family knows she for sure could use the help or just a break once in awhile! I hate people seem to think it is so easy for a guy to just swoop in years down the line and have opinions about how things are being done. If he really wanted 50/50 he should’ve asked for it when they divorced, but then he was a guy who didn’t want the responsibility then.

    • It’s always been very clear to me. Corey couldn’t have made it more obvious as to what his motives are. It’s interesting – I just watched the reunion and he acted like he never asked for primary custody and was only interested in it being 50/50. Either he realized he didn’t have a chance in court or once he really thought about it hit him that he could never handle primary custody. I’m sure he didn’t even think about how resentful his daughters would be. The only thing on Corey’s mind is money.

  20. I think Corey should gain custody of the girls. All Leah worries about money. She spends money that she doesn’t even make! Mary Kay os not her business. She is full of herself.

  21. I think the girls should stay where they are being forced away from the only full time parent they ever had will cause the girls a lot of problems and in the long run the girls will resent corey if he does this

  22. wow. you guys kill me.

    corey should have custody. for many reasons. 1) leah isn’t doing so hot in life right now. hence the anxiety meds. 2) Jeremy is gone all the time which means the home isn’t as stable. however, corey and Miranda don’t travel for work. 3) every scene they shoot when the girls are with corey shows him playing with the girls. leah is constantly sitting on the couch or in bed, doesn’t cook, and is always sending the girls off to another family member (the voiceovers for leah are ALWAYS “I was stressed so *this family member* has the girls” or “*this family member* has the girls so I can go do this”). it is what it is. leah is clearly going through something right now and she needs to get it together.

  23. Dear Alltheteenmoms,
    This question may be a little off-topic, If we do not take care of hungry kid and slum child, there will be every possibility of increase in anti-social element.
    Great Job!
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  24. Im not fan of either one. Its obvious Corey only wants custody to avoid child support. Leah on the other hand is a decent mom from what we can see from the show BUT she is soooo money hungry she constantly blows money as u can also see from the show. Jeremy is also fed up with the money issue. How much money do u think she spends on those stupid hair extensions when she has 3 kids to support. Speaking of..GET A JOB LEAH !!! TIME TO BE A ROLE MODEL THIS IS THE DAY AND AGE WHERE WOMEN WORK EVEN ONES WITH KIDS AND GUESS WHAT???EVEN ONES WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. I bet Jeremy really enjoys not having to be around her every day. She seems lazy and annoying. Get a job get a job get a job help your husband pay the bills. Your kids go to school do something while they are there with your time.

  25. One thing is FOR SURE she doesnt piss me off like Janelle i cant stand her i dont condone violence but i would love to beat the crap out of her and spit in her face. She is a worthless piece of trash !!!! Oh my gosh i cant even write how much i hate her disrespectful low life smart mouth psychotic poor excuse for a human being sorry butt. Her tubes need to be tied and burned and her teeth knocked down her throat and her boyfriend is an arrogant alcoholic jerk !! Cant stand either. Take them off show.

  26. I think Leah should have the girls. She is a very good mom and just cause one of the daughters miss therapy there is nothing wrong with that. Corey needs to get his ads together and pay the child support for them girls.

  27. i think corey should get full custody of the girls bc hes a good father and he should be able to spend as much time as he can with his girls.

  28. I think Leah should keep the girls because we all know bout the wheelchair. I bet for a fact of he gets custody he’ll try to get her to walk n hurt her legs. She needs the wheelchair to not tire her out… Leah has been going to everyone of her child’s doctors appt and Korey only goes when he feels like it’s nessecary for him to b there…. I vote Leah all the way…..

  29. Corey all the way… did you watch the video over the shorts jeremy swore were his that corey was wearing?? leah FAILED to buckle her kid in, so as seen in the video this child is NOT buckled and leah is driving…. Sorry but ALWAYS make sure your children are properly BUCKLED…. BEFORE driving!!!! Leah seems careless lately….

  30. If corey cant pay child support how do we know that all his other bills r being paid for? How do we know that the girls wont end up back with leah cuz corey cant pay his bills…. if he cant pay leah child support then y should he get the chance to have full custody of those kids it costs a lot to raise kids and pry eveb more with a child with special needs. I also think woth leah asking for the responsibilty of having the girls on her n jeremys health insurance is very very good parenting n responsible n the right thing to do for ur children.

  31. Leah should be greatful he pays child support.
    My sons bio father only pays cause I took him to court and only $65 a fortnight or something.
    never met my son and has a other kid on the way and is happy lol
    I believe leah is a good mother but she does care about money way to much but in the other hand she loves her girls.
    Corey should be able to see the girls alot more then he does and I believe 50 /50
    And looks likes leah got like 70%
    Good on them but dont think about your selfs and who has the girls think whats best for the girls
    And thats having both parents in there life

    • She spends money to foolishly. We both work Fulltime & don’t have a fancy house. Why does she need to spend 3000. On a washer and dryer? My 1000. Set washes our clothes & bedding just fine …

  32. I think they should go 50/50. Leah has issues she needs to get settled & I think Corey & Miranda would be good for having the kids just as much as Leah. Then no child support if they each have them equal amount of time. The medical bills they should split 50/50 as well. Leah would be able to work at least part time & Corey would also be more involved with dr appointments & therapy..

  33. I sure would like to know how y’all know he isn’t paying his child support.. Also the girls deserve both parents and they both have faults let the court decide who can take care of them better

  34. Some of you are cold hearted. I think Leah should she has done it since day one she does whatever it takes for those girls. She takes good care of them Corey just wants to play house with his new wife and not have to pay anything. I hope Leah does and for her finding her husband Jeremy she didn’t just go look and she didn’t just go get pregnant. Things do happen you know.

  35. So.. Leah takes Ali to her physical therapy.. All her doctor’s appointments takes care or her and her sister not to mention a baby and all she ask for was all medical decisions and the original child support and he wants custody ? He never accepted Ali’s condition if you ever watched teen mom you would know that. She is a great mom , he is being selfish to the fullest ! Why would you take away a little girls mother like that and say oh well you can see mommy and your little sister on the weekends? A little girl like that will always need her mom no matter what..

  36. Leah is a damn good mother might as well says shes been the father too…yeah corey gets vistations with them but parenting is more then spending time with yur children…corey is far from perfect all yu team corey people seem to forget when him and Leah. Were married and wanted to get a better house for the firls or get the one run down one fixed corey was more worried about buying a damn truck when there was nothing wrong with the one he had..corey is all about money in the sense of unless hes using it to buy himself something he doesnt think he shoukd have to spend money on anything corey is only wanting custody of them because he knows if he has them more then leah he doesnt have to pay out childsupport which makes him a sorry ass man he needs to grow up start acting more like a daddy to his girls instead of starting shit with leah who has done everything for them from birth and up…he needs to start paying his childsupport ali’s medical bills arent gonna pay their selves and its not like leah is eligable for state assistance yall corey fans fail to realize what mtv is paying her is prolly paying her bills nd ali’s medical bills with very little left over…and her pill usage thats bullshit if yall werent so busy being team corey yu wuld know that the so called pill usage corey is talking bout was an anti depressant that was prescribed to her by a doctor and she stopped taking them because they were making her sleepy all the time…we dont see everything they do..for all we know corey could be even more of an asshole then what we see on tv..and his wife bet hes spending money on her but dont wanna spend money on his girls or doesnt think he shoukd have to pay out like any other male or female who is order tonpay he aint no better then them just because hes a reality tv star and a poor one at that dont make him any better then ne body else who is order to pay child support..where has he been for half of ali’s appointment hmm no where to be found…hes pathetic and yu corey fans need to open up yur eyes and realize it too

  37. I think that Leah should keep the girls. Ive watched all the episodes since leah and the other girls first aired. For one she was the one who went ahead and called every hospital she could find to get her daughter to a specialist while corey worked and basically sat on his ass. Leah faced the diagnoses while Corey was all like” thats nonsense, she will walk, doctores are always wrong” i understand that might have hurt him a little to hear about her diagnoses but really it was Leah that pulled her pants up and did everything she had to do. now all of sudden Corey wants to take that away cuz she missed a few appointments?? I have two kids and one was born sick and even i lose track of my kids appointments and i only have two kids. But personally i think he doesnt want to have kids with his new wife and she wants kids so taking those girls from Leah would solve that whole problem for him. Plus him not wanting to pay out for the girls he created plays a HUGE role. He was fine with the whole custody plan until he knew that MTV isnt going to be paying him his entire life ontop of his job. Plus saying he will only work weekends if he gets the girls is what i think a ploy to be lazy. Like he does have ppl to watch them everyday fpr him. like really cmon corey.

  38. Corey was mad because Leah asked him to pay the full $800, he was ordered to pay. She told him he could pay $200 if he helps with doctor bills. He wasn’t paying the doctor bills! So she went back and said forget what we said you will have to go back to paying the $800 dollars that was originally agreed. Corey was not happy! So now, he wants full custody!! My opinion, is because he does not want to pay child support!

    So let’s take away the girls from their mom so the step mom can raise them why I work..or better yet, I will quit my job and work weekends. That makes a whole lot of since.. What a loser of a man!! How is he going to pay for medical bills only working two days a week. He wants Jeremy to pay!! Lost all respect for Corey! He does not look out for best interest of the girls.. He is selfish…

  39. Honestly Leah deserves to get FULL custody of the girls!! Corey and Miranda always criticize Leah for everything she does but they are NO better than she is they are actually worse, but all they ever do is talk bad about her when leah to me is a better parent than corey or Miranda is. He didnt even want to get the wheel chair for his daughter when she needed it, he sat there and complained about it. Yeah leah complains about child support but who doesn’t? She is raising the children and doing a great job! In reality if i was Leah i would of been making him pay the 800$ instead of jus letting him pay what he can when he can. Corey needs to learn to grow up and take responsibilities because them girls are going to realize who was there and who wasnt. Being around every weekend or every other weekend isnt being a dad or a father. Spending lots of time and doing what you can and beyond for your kids and putting them 1st is a daddy/father. Corey jus seems like a sperm donner.I think the only reason he gets the children is because of miranda. Needless to say Leah needs them children. she does WAYYYY more than he does or anyone in the family to me. Yeah she missed a few appointments but im sure it was for a good cause its not like she ment to do it im sure because unlike corey she puts them babies before anything. If anyone deserves FULL custody she does!!!

  40. OMG!! It’s a tv show…and they have you all sucked into it. You don’t know nothing about these people other then what the media shows you. Get a grip everyone

  41. I think everyone really needs to look at the child support laws. Unless they are different by state, the court takes what both the mother and father makes to figure the child support (if mother is not working she still gets calculated at minimum wage). So, even if the do 50/50 as some are saying Corey will still have to pay so the girls have the same money at both houses.

  42. Thanks jkitt, dawnz and the others who see what i see in Leah. Leah doesnt wear a seatbelt herself ive seen her plenty of time without it. Bingo on the expensive washing machine and dryer!!!! A one income family and 3 kids and spend $3000 plus tax when i got a new set for $1000 and has been working fine for many years !!! How about all the money on Mary Kay that she quit trying to sell. SHE IS PATHETIC AND VERY LAZY. im suprised she had the energy to evn make children.

  43. Someone made a comment how Corey is always sitting on the couch talking and never at a restaraunt?*? Hello its called NOT BLOWING MONEY !! Miranda probably cooks unlike Leah. He plays with the girls inside and outside and they go to the park and zoo why waste money on going out to eat , hair extensions, mary kay, & expensive stuff. I agree with Kelli one week with dad & one with mom and no child support and take turns or go together on therapy and Dr visits. Once again get a job Leah !!!

  44. it shouldnt matter what corey pays for child support. he takes the girls over weekends and he cares and love them alot. on the other hand all leah does is argue with jeremy about money and relationship problems. jeremy is always away for business for a lng period of time. leah has alot on her plate too as a young mother. also with this whole cheating thing with this other guy is crazy. when would she ever have time to cheat when she has three kids to care for. miranda corey wife helps out alot with the girls. she loves the girls alot too. both parents have a part in this whole parenthood thing.

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