Did Leah Calvert Lose Custody of the Girls??? She Speaks Out:


There is a new rumor floating around that Leah Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2’ has already lost custody of her daughters, Ali and Aleeah, to their father Corey Simms.

Corey and Leah are currently battling to be the primary caretaker of their daughters after some disputes about child support and parenting styles. Corey feels that he should have more control over how his daughters are raised and is willing to only work on weekends in order to have the twins 5 days a week.


The battle is not yet over despite the new rumors. Leah took to Facebook to clear things up, “I don’t know who nor do I care who went to a magazine and started rumors but I DID NOT LOSE CUSTODY OF ALI AND ALEEAH. The custody agreement remains the same as it always has.

Who do you think should be the primary caretaker of Ali and Aleeah? Comment below with your thoughts!


  1. Everyone is saying leah has always taken care of the twins well duh they are her kids and she doesnt work so she should and when she does work she quits after 2 weeks so dont praise her doing what she is SUPPOSE TO DO AND LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO DO !! Corey might not be able to take off all tbe time to go to therapy some jobs arent as lienient and unless hes on FMLA if he cant he cant most working dads dont take them. Who said the kids should always stay with mom the dad is a parent and has a say so as well. Dads always get the raw end of the deal.

  2. I think Leah needs to have full custody of the girls she has done a lot more for those girls than Corey would ever think about doing

  3. I became a mommy at 17…i must say it was the best worst thing that’s ever happen to me…dnt get me wrong my lil girl was the light of my life and there was wasn nothing i wouldn do for her…i was with her daddy for 4 yrs and 2 more kids later b4 we split up and I’ll tell ya iv never felt more pain in my life…until that godawful day my kids were ripped from my custody…and what do u kno their father did nothing nor did his family…now i kno im the o e who failed them but in my defense i asked for help time n time again only to be told “sorry amy there’s jus nothing we can do for you” so i was literally stuck…i got myself involved with a couple that the county recommend me to seek child care through…turns out the ppl were not good ppl and to make a long story short I ended up losing custody of my kids:'( iv never been more heart broken in all my life…i had kno will to live and still after almost 10 yrs i still find it hard to keep going! moral of the story is…these girls are some of the luckiest little girls to be apart of two families that want nothing but the best for them…iv watched TM2 from the start and both sides of their families is loving and caring in everyway!! leah..ur a wonderful mom and Corey is one heck of a father….and you both kno this about eachother….jus please always remember that♡♡♡ ~ sincerely, a sad mommy who wishes my ego didn stand in my way….
    ~♡~tbc forever3~♡~

    • why? what has cory done so much better then leah? as the mother of a special needs child its hard expecially when the father is not 100% behind you on things leah is a great mom and cory is a good dad but not realisticwhen it comes to ali’s needs

  4. I think Cory should have them during the week and Leah on the weekends. That way Cory can have more time with the girls abs Leah can get a good job to help take care of her family. I think once Cory has the girls more he will do just as much if not equal to what Leah does now. There not bad parents but i feel the tables being flipped will help both party’s to learn and grow and try new things to keep there lives positive and happy for the girls and themselves. The girls still need both parents so no one needs full custody. I just hope if it happens this way that Leah deals with her feelings without being crazy about it all.

  5. Leah has been a wonderful mom to the girls and in my opinion she has done more for them than Cory. He owes a ton of child support to Leah and if she is smart, she should report that to CPS. Cory you know that you only want them so you don’t have to pay child support. Leah should have full custody. Stay strong, honey, don’t accept less than the court has ruled.

  6. Leah should keep custody of her girls, If he can’t afford child support how he gonna to raise them?? Children should be with there mother unless the mom is unfit and we all can see Leah is not unfit, Leah a damn good mom, and I respect her so much all she has to go threw with alli’s condition and take care of her other children and never complains . And now she got to go therw Cory stupid shit.. Hope all goes well for Leah….

  7. Hey Patti you dont report Child Support to CPS you report it to the Attorney General. Child support is a specific case all by itself it has NOTHING to do with visitation or how your child is being cared for . The Attorney General doesnt want to hear any of that at all those issues are like apples to oranges. So dont make suggestions to people when you dont know what you are talking about.

    • In West Virginia where they live Child Support Enforcement is part of DHHR and so is CPS so she probably just wrote the wrong thing. They are all at the same phone number.

  8. I dont know how these people can say she takes care of them better than Corey. She doesnt put them in seatbelts, she drives with them while shes drugged up on pills, she has been seen screaming at them and grabbing one of them by the arm , theres atleast one episode where shes dialing a phone while driving just etc just because she calls herself “mommy” doesnt mean shes better.

    • You don’t personally know any of these people. Its obviously not your place to judge. I am going to guess you are not a mother of a special needs child. This position is filled with stress, worry, and a lot of crying. It is hard to cope with the unknown. I’m not saying that the things she “supposedly” did are right, but its REALITY TV. You cannot believe everything you see or hear. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

      • She knew long before she had the third cbild sbe had sress and worry with the special needs child so maybe she should have kept her legs closed or used birth control instead of adding to her stress and taking more of the needed time away from the others. *stress

      • How would u know if i dont know them i have alot of family in that state and how is it obvious its not my place to judge?? What makes it OBVIOUS do u know the meaning of that word?? Also these people on that show are well aware they are going to be judged if they dont like it they can get off the show… oh but wait they are getting attention and their dumb asses think its fame…haha

  9. I have seen a few episodes where the girls are asking”are we going with daddy” ? “Can we go to daddys “? And telling her “we want to see daddy”? That should tell you something. One of the girls hits her,kicks her,& talks back. That should tell you something else. Where did she learn the violence and where did she get the smart mouth?? From Leah, the one everyone is praising for being the primary caregiver. Hahaha. Her role model is teaching her to fight and argue instead of things like working and cooking and cleaning. Hey Leah teach her how to blow money too and pack on that mascara. How much do u spend on that?? Leah even made a comment when she was putting them in the truck “stop kicking me im sick of you kicking me” so obviously its a problem. Its called disrespect and learning from seeing and hearing her fight with Jeremy.

    • I am starting to think you aren’t a mom at all lol. OR you have a newborn and have no idea what you are in for. It is not uncommon to scream every once in a while when raising kids. She puts the kids in seat belts and I have seen her yell at them when the unbuckle. ALL kids go through the unbuckle while mom is driving stage, even if it is only once. Most kids ask to see the absent parent, it is NORMAL to want to see both parents and usually they ask for the parent they don’t see very much because they are usually with the primary care giver. My sons dad is a deadbeat but he still always asked for him because he missed him. I was there so he didn’t need to ask for me. Kids kick, hit, and backtalk. Not to mention this is reality TV, you don’t see everything. Do you think they would get ratings if they just showed everyone chilling and doing nothing. The show was made to discourage teens from getting pregnant, they show the crappiest parts of these peoples lives because of that. I hope you NEVER yell at your kid, or have a child backtalk or hit/push you because you will feel like an idiot. If you are a mom you should feel like crap shaming another mom, especially one that has as much on her plate at Leah. Three kids, one in special needs, a husband on the road all the time, and people attacking her all the time for things they really know nothing about!

      • Okay u must be a liberal. FIRST of all Leah put all that on her plate and when it was full she put more and with the next man she will probably add to it again. Yes its unfortunate her child is special needs but she should be thankful shes not pushing her around in that wheel chair with a feeding tube in her stomach that can barely communicate if at all. Also i raised 4 kids none of which yelled, screamed, kicked , or hit me or anyone else and why would they?? They were never subjected to seeing tbat. My children were all polite and respectful thats what they seen in our home and thats what they were taught. I know plenty of parents that can say the same thing.

      • Also Leah knew what Jeremy did for a living when she first met him so thats on her. She should have thought about that. He likes his job so more power to him. Maybe she isnt a good enough wife or homemaker to make him want to change careers and be at home more ever thought about that.?? Shes probably too annoying and whiney to be around for too long. Notice hes always telling her “dont start crying Leah”. Put your big girl panties on Leah and suck it up and deal with everything in your life that YOU CHOSE TO RUSH INTO !!

    • So Kimberly yur saying all the serial killers and physcopaths learned it from their family. If your child turns out like that then guess it’s your fault right? God says do not judge. Leah is a great mom the world could see that. And maybe YOU should keep your legs closed because there needs to be no more like you. Stop hatin because your life is shit

  10. Corey should FINALLY get his girls!! They need to get far away from the drama zone Leah creates for them to live in..she’s ‘constantly’ b*tchin & yelling about something or someone!!
    PS..Leah, quit with the pills that make you doze off!!
    Go Team Corey!!

    • All for Team Cory. Fathers have rights too alot of them dont get enough. Why is it the courts and people in genaral think only the mom has the say so or has more rights. The dads damn sure get acknowledged that they are the father when its time to pay child support but any other time its like she made the kids herself. Thats wrong it shouldnt be that way. I think either Cory should get them all week and Leah on the weekends or Corey one full week and Leah one full week no child support involved money isnt important well…to Leah it is she the one that blows it like crazy. How much do 2 little girls eat?? If a person is cooking dinner(which i know she doesnt) how much do u think a saucer size portion out of that meal would actually cost?? All this world and Leah thinks about is money. Leah should be glad the father wants to and does spend time with those girls alot of dads dont. Time spent with them is more important than money. Why does she need $800 a month does anyone really think $800 a month is going to be spent on them?? And i dont want to hear about bills and a roof over their head Jeremy makes good money and Leah and the baby have a roof over their head so whats the difference. If its 50/50 then why doesnt Leah have a job and an income Corey does now wheres Leahs SHE isnt contributing. She pops pills and cheats all day oh and applies that mascara that takes time.

  11. Leah should keep her girl’s because she know how to take good care off kids then he will I mean he the their dad but the mother know best them the father i’m sorry Corey but plz leave Leah to take care off her girl’s she is their what went wrong u was once in love with dis woman n u I married now so have ur self another kids if ur really need kids that bad.

    • I seriously think I lost brain cells reading your comment. Please, learn to speak proper English before embarrassing the American population with your horrible education and grammar skills…or lack there of. It sounds like a two year old wrote it. Good grief!

      • Thank you elaina !!! I agree 110 % my gosh what kind of crap is that?? Probably a drunk or high hood rat !!!

    • Ummmm Angelique did u go to school ?? Those are first grade words you can’t spell and a couple are not even words. Try to comment another time when you learn to spell and and write a sentence correctly. Your mom should be proud…NOT. HOOKED ON PHONICS WORKED FOR ME !!!!

  12. I think Leah should Keep custody of the kids. She has done a great job so far. I don’t think Corey would be able to do it any better. I think the only reason why he would be filing for custody is so he won’t have to pay child support. The girls have been happy of course they like going to there dad’s they think it’s all fun and games there.

  13. I think Leah should get the girls and here are my reasons why:
    #1. She is a dang good mom. Reality tv is not always real.
    #2. I’ve personally seen her on tv as a better parent than Cory.
    #3. If they are bad mouthin her, haven’t you ever heard that they may get that from their dad?
    #4. If Cory doesn’t want to give her child support, then he should deal with that as that, not as a way to get Leah all messed up. (Btw, don’t you think she’s doing that because if the stress he causes her.)
    Trust me, Leah is the better parent. Cory should shut his big, fat mouth and just face that fact that Leah will get the kids and he will have to pay no matter what

  14. I meant Ay’Kesha when it came to the name

  15. I don’t think we should judge its not anyone’s place to this is between the two of them not anyone else we should just be there for support

    • Its not our job to support its our job to place our comment thats what it says and thats what we are doing. They chose to display their mistakes on national tv for the attention so let them deal with what they get. If you dont like peoples comments then dont read this stuff . You are judging people by saying they shouldnt be judging. It says leave a comment it doesnt say be nice and leave a fake ass comment.

  16. There is a big difference between what’s best for the children and what people want. What all of a sudden Cory gets married and he wants full custody after complaining about child support and medical bills? He didn’t even care when his child had issues that needed to be addressed he was in denial. He didn’t give a shit till this girl came in his life. And for being a stay at home mom, I know how hard it can get and be! Leah has done soooo much… god forbid if there isn’t a perfect story line… but your bat shit crazy if your about to say she dont want the best for them and loves those girls more than anyone else. Leave her alone…

  17. Leah should keep her girls she is a wonderful mother and person! She is doing the best she can and we should all respect that. I look up to Leah and how she goes through life raising 3 kids and I Am amazed on how she does it plus Cory owes her child support $ and he thinks the only way he will get out of paying is by taking the kids it don’t work like that team Leah all the way!

  18. I think Leah needs time off. Corey has more stability for the girls. Leah is a train wreck anymore and needs help herself. She may be good in front of the cameras but what happens when they are off? Its about the girls well being not Cory or Leah’s drams and as fat as I see it Cory is the best bet right now for them . I adore Leah as I so Cory but hee life is in shambles and the girls should not be in it right now.

  19. I think the girls shouldn’t be with Leah because she is using pills. She has her days but the way she was stressing and fighting with her husband around the kids is not great. They see that and they might think its okay . They will act out how mommy and their step dad is fallow their foot steps. #Team Corey.

    Now Corey and Miranda never fights, they are happy together. The girls need a women like her to stay home taking care of the girls. I see Miranda more as a mom to the girls, pushing them on the swings taking care of them. Corey is a hard working man, and he would do anything for his little girls. I want a man like him. Team Corey. 👧👧👩👨. One day I hope Leah will know a little better on how to parent the children proper.

    • Considering that Corey Miranda aren’t the main people on the show like Leah and Jeremy, I’m sure Miranda and Corey have there moments as well. Corey can’t even keep up with the medical payments for his daughter after having the amount of child support lowered. How is he going to afford the expense of the girls after not having to provide 100% for them financially if he can’t even keep up with the medical end of the deal?

  20. Kimberly you have a lot of opinion and are making yourself lose credit by your rants. If you have a special needs child as I do you would have a little more understanding, if you put a camera in the home of any mother you would see them not at their best every mother has those moments at some point especially mums with special needs children as you can feel very alone and nobody really understands what you go through . Both Leah and Corey are good people and just young trying to figure it all out. But in the end Leah is more realistic and supportive to her daughters special needs as Corey doesn’t seem to want to except it which is very understandable but not realistic. Good luck to them all x

    • Jaymie, first of all how does a person make themselves lose credit ?? I dont care what any of these people think i am not losing anything. I can express what i think just like everyone else…by the way there are THOUSANDS of people if not more that say and feel the same way i do. Im sorry your child is special needs and you have a tough time but did you choose to add to your problems by being so thirsty for attention you had to go on tv to show the world your problems to cuss and fight all the time to cheat to pop pills to the point that you cant speak. In my opinion shes just trashy.

  21. U ppl be slow we don’t even know this ppl she could be a good mom r a bad one u well never know and as for Cory we don’t even see him on the camera a lot to say if he’s a good dad r not so let them be chill out they ain’t y’all kids

    • Okay heres another one trying to comment but all that comes out is jibberish. You must have went to the same school district as Angelique.

      • You are an incredibly rude person, who obviously has no life. You just wait for people to comment and jump on them. You seem like a grade smart mouth from behind a keyboard. You put your two scents in move on, get a life a stop or is this your life?

  22. I think they should rotate Leah get them 6 months and Corey should get 6 months and let them both get the responsibility of having a special needs child and let take on everything financial and everything else because they both are good parents we only see what they want us to see on tv so we can’t judge neither one of them.

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  24. I hear Cory should get the kids but he the one that would help with the wheelchair issue and he was the one pay half a,, on child support he no he just being evil because his new girl it was all good until he got his girlfriend now he want to all time when he no he work and the girls age going to be with girl friend that’s just being evil but god don’t like ugly keep your head up Leah

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