Gary Shirley is Having Another Child!


Amber Portwood was shocked to find out that her ex fiance/ baby daddy Gary Shirley had a girlfriend the whole time she was in prison. Mainly because he was filling her head with false hope that the two would be a family again with their daughter Leah.

Amber says she has come to terms with the situation and is happy for Gary but I wonder how she is reacting to the latest news…

According to a source that spoke with RadarOnline Gary Shirley is expecting another baby! This time with his current girlfriend Kristina. You will remember her from the “Being Amber” special. She has a daughter also from a previous relationship.

What do you think of Gary becoming a dad again?


  1. I’am Glad Let The Knew Girlfriend Find Out What A Lier And A Cheat He Is I Know Amber Is Not Perfect But He Played Alot Of Head Games With Her! GO Amber Here’s Your Chance To Find A Good Young Man.You Deserve To Have Some Happiness.God Bless You And Leah.( :

  2. He played amber got her hopes up and i agree with other post let knew one find out how he is but he should give custody back to amber so she can raise thier daughter and amber i hope u find a guy that treats u the way u deserve to be treated keep ur head up stay positive

  3. Amber and Gary need to just go their separate ways. Their relationship was not healthy. They have a beautiful daughter together and they can Thank each other for that. But that doesn’t mean they are meant to be. Congrats to Gary and hopefully when amber is ready she will find a good man who only Makes her life better and doesn’t bring her down

  4. I think her biggest problem, the whole time, was trying to meet and live up to Gary’s standards. Gary was never faithful to Amber! It’s such a shame that Leah is brought around soo many other woman, because Gary chooses to be unfaithful. I don’t know about anyone else, but my family has always said, “If you don’t see yourself marrying that person, or committing your life with that person, don’t lay down and spread your legs.” I know in other cases and circumstances, that’s not plausible, however; if Gary knew the whole time he wasn’t going to be faithful, he should have never went back. If he was dating someone else while Amber was in Jail, he should have NEVER went to see her. Don’t fill someone’s head with lies, and bulls**t, when you clearly don’t mean it! In all honesty, I can see the Gary and Amber situation, being the same as Chelsea and Adam.

  5. Gary is an amazing daddy. Im happy for him and kristina! Amber has also came along way and became a great mother!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! Gary is such an amazing dad to Leah. Sure Amber and him might have had their issues, but that hasn’t taken away his ability to be an amazing father for Leah. I’m so happy for you too and may things work out! God bless!

  7. Geez how did this guy manage to procreate? He is the very definition of morbidly obese. His poor offspring are going to have to deal with his awful DNA. Gary is disgusting. He should be in the prime of life, but he can barely get out of his chair.

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