Well who didn’t see this one coming?? Leah Calvert is caught cheating once again this time on her second husband Jeremy Calvert. Early in the morning on Friday October 17th Jeremy went on a twitter rampage and publicly called out Leah for cheating on him with none other than Robby Kidd. You know? The same dude she cheated on Corey with. Jeremy tweeted: “Well that was a surprise kinda u did it to Corey and now me with the same person good job slut,” which was quickly deleted. Here are some other tweets that we managed to get screen shots of before they were also deleted:


Leah and Jeremy have both remained silent on social media since this outburst. What do you think?

UPDATE! Leah’s sister had this to say to Jeremy:


Sources confirm to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that “Leah confessed it to her husband eventually and asked for forgiveness.” See The Ashley’s Exclusive for more details on Jeremy’s side of the story and about Robbie Kidd who apparently was recently arrested and has become a father himself!