Leah Calvert Caught Cheating on Husband Jeremy!!


Well who didn’t see this one coming?? Leah Calvert is caught cheating once again this time on her second husband Jeremy Calvert. Early in the morning on Friday October 17th Jeremy went on a twitter rampage and publicly called out Leah for cheating on him with none other than Robby Kidd. You know? The same dude she cheated on Corey with. Jeremy tweeted: “Well that was a surprise kinda u did it to Corey and now me with the same person good job slut,” which was quickly deleted. Here are some other tweets that we managed to get screen shots of before they were also deleted:


Leah and Jeremy have both remained silent on social media since this outburst. What do you think?

UPDATE! Leah’s sister had this to say to Jeremy:


Sources confirm to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that “Leah confessed it to her husband eventually and asked for forgiveness.” See The Ashley’s Exclusive for more details on Jeremy’s side of the story and about Robbie Kidd who apparently was recently arrested and has become a father himself!


  1. Slut! she’s going to blame it on stress probably and Jeremy always working or on some other stupid bullshit!

    • Ow.You can call her a slut and a cheater.But you Dont know what she was going threw with in her marriage.You only know what you see on TV. How do yoy know he haven’t cheated and just haven’t got caught..Men can be sluts to………..

      • It doesnt matter what you go through in your marriage u should always keep your morals and your values and vows at heart if you are true in your marriage. NO EXCUSES. if you arent happy or u just want to be a slut then get out of the marriage. Who cares if a man cheats does that mean you have to belittle and lower yourself and screw someone. Its all about attention for her. Shes a skank.

    • Hell ya shes a slut!! Shes a cheater. How long did it take her to start screwing Jeremy and tie him down with a kid. Spit them out girl lets see how many babies and baby daddys u can have. Shes like a stray cat. Too bad Jeremy got stuck with her hes a hard worker and a FINE ASS MAN !! She doesnt deserve him i hope he leaves her.

  2. She’s no slut. Men cheat women cheat and there are always signs before and if there isn’t communication then it happens.. A relationship takes 2 that are trying and want it.

    • There is never an excuse for cheating. It some how became the norm in this heavily messed up society and it should not be that way. If you can’t stay committed, even if things “get rough” and your response is to cheat then please do any future man or woman you’ll be with a favor and DON’T be in a relationship or get married.
      Cheating is for the weak and hurts people. There are terrible crimes if passion as a result of cheating. People commit suicide due to cheating partners.
      Do not say you love someone if you have the audacity to cheat on them. That is not love.

      • Amen!! Society and social media make cheating to be the 1st option instead of dealing with your marriage. Sad way we live nowadays

      • Thanks Kelli exactly what i was saying!!! I could never cheat on my husband i would feel way too guilty and he works out of town as well in the oil fields hes gone 2-3 weeks at a time and comes home fora week to 4 days then goes back. I have a child horses dogs cats show lambs a house and 10 acres of land to take care of on top of my job driving an 18 wheeler locally for 10 to 12 hours a day so No Excuses to cheat. Shes just self centered and thirsty for attention oh and obviously EASY …haha talk to me and i’ll put out !!! Haha

      • Wow 22 years old & 3 kids on ur 2nd divorce. U got problems chick .y don’t u think before u open ur legs .u have had 2 damn good men u throw it all away just for a 3 min lay wtf is wrong with u? Grow up girl

  3. She’s done it before on her first husband it wouldn’t surprise me she’s always complaining of things like stress, being alone, Jeremy always working etc.etc she’s gonna have some excuse like always if it’s true and honestly shame on Jeremy if he falls into her guilt trip..

      • Yea idk I bet it’s true dnt just think he wld go on a Twitter rant for no reason but that stuff her sister wrote idkkkkk but I new there was trouble in there marriage from dat 1 they shlda nvrrrrrr rushed into marriage now another Baby from s broken home & 2 broken marriges sad

  4. I doubt it’s true with all she has on her plate, Jeremy is very insecure!!! He has been from day one and has serious communication issues regardless of his job he always seems so miserable when he is home, how often do you seen him pick his own daughter up and play with her and love on her?!? Maybe it’s true Jeremy’s the cheater this time and trying to get out by pointing fingers at Leah, he’s thrown the divorce word around from the beginning and gets mad at her for crying about her girls when it’s serious….. Personally he’s not very supportive and never has been, not what she needs!!

    • I agree not a fan of him tgey both shlda nvr married or had another kid they don’t no eachother! & now the kids suffer again

    • How do u know he is insecure?? I dont think hes insecure he has a great job and is goodlooking seems pretty laid back if anything hes probably remembering how easy it was to screw her and how shes cbeated before not to mention the time she was gna dump him to go back to Corey.

  5. She has cheated before so maybe..this is a bigger issue, she keeps making harmful decisions..2marriages, multiple kids. She shouldve been worried about the first two before having another. She needs to get her mind right. Its almost like a cry for help..

  6. Put your self in her shoes geez you guys are to quick to judge. I want to see you raise twins one of witch has muscular dystrophy and a new baby with no support of your husband with your husband always gone with out someone by your side to help you go though everything she has been through! If you haven’t been in her shoes yall are so judgmental! Besides this is just media you dont even know if its really true so stop while your ahead!

    • Sorry Hun she knew what kind of job he had from the beginning of their relationship, and even still went and had another kid, knowing how hard it was with the twins. So she has no excuse…….

      • Thank you Lisa b i made that reply myself to someone else this skank knew exactly what she was getting into she knew he worked out of town. Shes not good enough to hold a man down.

    • I agree. But she knew exactly how Jeremy felt about his job. I mean he is taking care of HER kids Adalynn is his first child and he has to also pay for Ally’s wheelchair and such. She was really being selfish then. Yeah he isn’t always there but he’s making sure she have a roof over her head,clothes on her back ,and food on the table. She is really slutty!✌

    • It’s all true! She did it, done it, walked threw it! And is now trying to look her best as she walks out of it. I am Jeremy Calvert’s cousin. I know the truth and soon all of you will to. But thank god she signed a prenup! Now please excuse us family members as we eat a bag of pop corn and watch herself try to get out of this one!

  7. This is hilarious. You all posting comments on here about Leah been a slut, have all probably cheated yourselves.

    • Nope never ever cheated. Was with one guy for 9 years and now with my husband for 17 and never cheated!! And i have worked with and around alot of men i did electrical work for 6 years then got my CDL to drive a truck all of which involves all kinds of men. You are probably a cheater tho u act like you are taking up for her because you probably condone it.

  8. She needs to give the girls to their father so she can have some time to grow up….she just wants money…

  9. Umm only this is supposed to be coming right from the real jeremy and his real twitter account but yet the pic he has is of him and leah…i dont believe this. I just dont.

  10. She is a Big Time Slut.. Jeremy Don’t be stupid like Corey n take her back. Jeremy just do what u have to do for your daughter and that’s all.

    • Corey didn’t take her back that’s what started the whole divorce plus her wanting a better house for her girls and Corey didn’t wanna move he wanted to buy a truck then the next season Corey bought a house anyways. Until it’s proven I don’t believe anything in the tabloids but what’s so special she keeps going back to this Robbie guy ?

  11. If this is true, I’m sure it’ll come out soon enough. My husband works three weeks out of the month, and we have two kids. I can assure you that I have never and would never cheat. So for someone to blame such an ugly act on them being gone, working to much or what have you. That’s weak. She clearly would still have growing up to do. If she didn’t do anything then that will all come out soon enough as well. We make our own assumptions on things we read when we don’t know these people personally so of course people are going to speak their mind. I dont know, but it’ll be interesting to see this unfold.

    • Thanks yeaah so u should understand my previous post there are women in similar situations and we dont cheat. Its called taking care of responsibilities and doing what u have to do instead of worring about d**k.

  12. i really think leah and cory could have worked things out. but leah needs to learn to take responsibility and own up to her mistakes.. i believe she probably did. jeremy is gone most of the time. she’d lonely.

    • Corey is much better off with Miranda. Leah is used up and been passed around like a joint at a frat party.

  13. i went 2 school with her in clay county wv…… i was there the first time she cheated on her first husband before they were married. we were at a party and she hooked up with smitty.

  14. this kinda stuff happens everyday between people. and just because she is on tv and shares a tv show doesnt mean everyone has to down her. like some of u said they have been having problems with there relationship. i am sure jeremy isnt perfect and i am sure leah isnt perfect just like NO ONE IF PERFECT!!! also the ones that r calling her names ur prob. the sluts or cheaters and just like claling someone else out to make u feel better about ur life style…..everyone needs to grow the f*ck up!!!

    • Where are you?? Seems to me you are on here reading this shit as well. So stop contradicting yourself dumbass and you grow the fk up.

  15. I think this shit is fake til I see prove I ain’t believing it I see nothing on his twitter about anything

  16. If you really want to know about cheaters, read an eBook called Signs of Infidelity. It’s by Gregory Smith and his site is http://www.been-cheated-on.com. I have never found anything that was so helpful in finding out if I was with a cheater or not.

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