Amber Portwood Ready to File for Joint Custody of Leah!


‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood has come such a long way since the MTV hit series started. After going through over a year of prison time and being released she has completely turned her life around for the better.

She is ready to file for joint custody of daughter Leah now that she is completely clean and sober. “Amber is doing well and wants to file for joint custody of Leah when she’s off parole next month,” her brother Shawn tells RadarOnline. “She doesn’t want to fight for full custody, because Gary is a great father… she is happy to share custody of Leah.

Amber currently has regular visitation with Leah who lives full time with her father and his girlfriend Kristina. Shawn also says that Amber is planning to go back to school for psychology, sociology, and criminology and wants to open a rehab facility.


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