Jeremy’s Mother Threatens to Call CPS on Leah!


This just keeps getting crazier. It was recently revealed that Leah Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2’ may have cheated on her husband Jeremy Calvert with her old high school boyfriend Robbie Kidd.

Leah’s family has denied that Leah and Robbie slept together but other sources claim that Leah admitted she cheated to her husband. Jeremy’s family is thoroughly convinced that the allegations are true and they aren’t afraid to make it known.

As of right now it looks like their marriage is over whether the cheating actually happened or not. When Leah’s mother took to Facebook to defend her daughter, Jeremy’s mother decided to call her out, stating: “That’s right, she knows she’s caught and it’s over. Her own mother knows what she was doing and covered for her. What’s that say about there people. When your in a custody battle the last thing you need is this. But she made her choice. NOW LIVE WITH IT!” She then added, “Anyone know someone that works at CPS in Charleston??

Oh my! Who do you believe?


  1. this whole thing is getting crazier and crazier with leah and the three girls r in the middle of this all

  2. I dont think she did. She admitted she did to corey when corey asked. She is not a known liar.

  3. Ugh leah is so foul of course she cheated. She did it to correy before they got married!!!! She is so disgusting and karma just kicked her in the ass…..

  4. i think jeremy’s mother needs to stay out of it and mind her own business, she has no right to act out.

  5. I am a grown up!!!! With the fan base on these reality shows growing ppl need to really watch n not judge!!!! Leah had it rough twins at a young age married young tried being responsible but remember she was a TEEN!!!! Don’t get it twisted when ur back is against the wall u go back to known habits if she was with someone else n she tried really hard n no avail, do just what u need to do!!! Applause Leah!!!!!

  6. WTF does cps have to do with cheating. You only call cps when a child is in danger, neglected, or abused

    • Yes I the Jeremy mother need to open.her own.back door before leah front door what was her son doing when he was working out on road and not coming home weeks.after week so there for leah stay strong and keep ur head up and show that u dont need them.u have three beautiful babies that need u

    • Except that they were the ones that chose to put their lives on TV for the entire country to watch, and they are the ones that decided to constantly post this stuff all over twitter and other social media where thousands of people can see it. So actually, they are the ones that chose to make it everyone else’s business.

  7. Irregardless of weather she cheated or not…what rite does that give Jeremys mother to even mention calling CPS? She is still the mother of her grand daughter too!

  8. no one knows the 100 percent truth but them. Most of the things that go on is just for the tabloids and to get more views for the show. No one will want to watch it if there is no drama.

  9. If she did cheat shes a FOOL, Jeremy is a great guy!! Yes he works away a lot and he can be moody but we all have issues in our marriages they dont just become perfect without hard work! They certainly dont become perfect by CHEATING!! Its sad because this was something shes done in the past ehich makes it hard to beleive her.. If she did cheat she needs to live with her choice now! Im proud of Jeremy for leaving her. He deserves better than a cheater and Leah will have to learn the hard way unfortunatly!!
    However… Why is this a cause for CPS?? She has never harmed her children.. Shes always been a goid and loving mother to her girls “from whats filmed”. I dont see what the CPS threat is about.. Im sure Leah is going through enough with her wrong decisions tight now and a custody battle let her lay in her bed she made but to threaten CPS wighout real cause is bullshit!!

      • Seriously people can post without proof reading….seriously as may times as people post stuff in day Melody you can only comment spell right next time. Well use Capital letters and a period after your sentence…Grammar police! Ugh that is so annoying. I made an A in all my college classes I post quick and I dare you to correct my grammar. Learn to decipher this thread isn’t for English majors!!!

    • so his mom knows someone at cps …she probably got turned in herself ….i say bitch don’t threaten …leah is great with her kids she is all they know…she is with them 24/7

  10. People it’s just like the Janelle thing, anything for a storyline….i don’t see leah jeopardizing her marraige for a high school crush who has baby mama problems of his own.,,grow up and leave them alone!!! Jeremy if you believe what a so called family member said just to make money by selling a juicy story..dude your crazy and Jeremy’s mom your not actively involved in their life so back off until you hve 110% truth

  11. Leah is most definitely a white thrash trailer whore who has been unfaithful from the beginning. What im currently laughing at is Jeremy’s moms incorrect usage of “their” and “you’re”. I swear they are all inbreeding in West Virginia.

    • Are you an English teacher? Oh wait you must be perfect right? I’m sure you’ve made worse mistakes in life than misusing your & you’re! Grow up & quit correcting people’s grammar!

    • Seriously because of one person in Wv u feel the need to judge everyone that lives here? What does that say about you? Grow up

    • trash* if you are going to criticise people on their spelling mistakes make sure your spelling is perfect! !!!

  12. Wow, is all I have to say…. Why the hell would she throws her marriage down the drain why why would she cheat what reason would she have I think everybody is just way too wrapped up in this Teen Mom bullshit I watch the show but I don’t get as involved as you guys do apparently but you guys trash talking to the people that make comments telling them that they’re stupid or told him to shut up that’s bullshit I’m kind of glad I don’t get wrapped up in this everybody is rude rude and what you say is uncalled for if she cheated she cheated its her life she screwed it up if she didn’t then I don’t know its pretty bad how you guys are taking things to heart that we don’t even know if its true or not. and everybody that posts on here has their right to speak without somebody calling I’m stupid or telling them they’re retarded or calling them a hoe or anything like that this stupid y’all are just being rude

  13. I dont see why his mothere is trying to bring more problems to the family by involving cps those ppl only destroy families nd the children wasnt in harm way so she needs to stay in her place!

  14. Who cares and when it comes down to it if she did cheat on Jeremy he probly deserved it he’s no angel. Sometimes men deserve to be cheated on because they treat woman like shit.

    • no matter the situation and the way they treat woman CHEATING is no excuse! if your not happy in your relationship leave dont cheat!!!

  15. will all of this is up to them if they want to work thing’s out and no need to call her name’s ya she messed up that is all on her she is a good mom and she was a good wife to same ppl mess up in there marriage but they work it out and none of this no body’s business

  16. non of this is anyones business period evryone should shut up an live your own life . period.

  17. Cheating one time doesnt make u a hoe fcukin dumb dip shits lmao keep ur 2 cents where it belongs , i bet yawl cheated too so quit actinq innocent, name callinq pffft get ur head outta ur ass i mean ur back door lol fcuk tards maybe ur da hoe who knows ahaa

  18. what are the threats of calling dps!! that has nothing to do wheather she cheated or not!! if she did cheat, obviously jeremy wasnt doing his job,and she had her needs met by someone who could!!!!!! shes a great mother, leave her alone!!! worry about your own problems, and the inlaws should stay out of it!!!!of course your going to take jeremys side. act like adults !!!dont threaten the poor girl with taking away her kids. they are her life!!!!

  19. Really?! Jermerys mother threatened to call CPS on Leah?!? For what? Because Leah may have or not cheat thats reason to call child protective services on her? Really? you know how riduculous that sounds? Lets call CPS for a cheating scandal, the other kids who are being beat and negeclted can wait!! I wanna see my grandbaby taken away!! Pffft so dumb sounding! and Jer if you were the “Stand up guy” that you portray yourself as then why even let your mother say that?? People should just stay out of thier marriage…wither its a good one or not!! I mean maybe it isnt good since he can slap leah with raw bacon… kinda makes his whole family look low…

  20. You Leah tried with Corey he didn’t want to make it work everyone makes mistakes. I think someone just didn’t want to see Leah happy it’s awful funny that Corey seem to be involved in this to if these ladies would quit living there life in the public eye they wouldn’t have this kinda of problems

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