Leah Calvert’s Alleged Drug Dealer Speaks Out! New Details of Her Addiction:


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert’s life seems to be spiraling out of control these days. According to Leah’s “drug dealer” that spoke with In Touch Weekly Leah has been “getting high for years.” The dealer confirms my previous report that Leah has been taking pain medication like Vicodin and Percocet. The dealer also revealed that Leah was at one point withdrawing $1000 a week from her bank account to fund her addiction and that someone “close” to her has been picking up the pills for her. “He gets them for her. They’re in this together,” the dealer says.

One of Leah’s family members also tells the mag, “I’ve seen Leah pop a handful of pills, chew them like they were candy and swallow them. She doesn’t even need anything to wash them down with.


Now that the news of Leah’s alleged drug problem has been made public and the possible end of her marriage due to cheating it looks like MTV has put filming season 6 of ‘Teen Mom 2’ on hold! Read more about that over on The Ashley’s Reality Roundup!

Speaking of Leah’s alleged cheating, the guy she supposedly cheated with (Robbie Kidd) ties into Leah’s drug problem, according to Robbie’s friend Nathan Mullins who says, “If Leah is hanging out with Robbie again, she’s definitely partying.”


  1. You know what’s crazy if she wasn’t on the show no one would care what she does… she is just like everyone else in this world we all make mistakes… its when u learn from them that things change.. I as a mother wife and woman know all too well what she is going thru.. leave her alone… find someone else’s life to ruin

    • She put her life out there by going on TV. She also puts her life out there to thousands of other people by posting her sh*t on twitter all the time. There’s no one else to blame for the attention, whether positive or nagative, but her.

  2. Uhhh…idc. She’s a regular ass individual. Sad tho…hope she gets help. She has kids to raise. And I’d say that about any mother on the street, anywhere. I could care less about her being on tv.

  3. ive always could tell she was on something. by the way she looks(sometimes), talks and acts. just like with Amber and Jenelle i could tell right away. people who have been through it themselves or with a friend/family member, you spot those kind of things very well and fast. but eitheer way she needs help so she can take care of those babies, and to learn that she can be single and be happy not just when a guy is around. people shouldnt be putting her down bc of it though. addiction is a disease and it takes over people and makes them a totally different person. they just need help and need someone to make them realize what they are really doing to themselves and their family.

  4. If she is on pills the people who care the most abt her need to help her and people need to quit downing her bc it is an addiction that u need help to overcome

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