Photo! Amber Portwood Gets Matching Tattoo with New Boyfriend!


‘Teen Mom’ star has found love! Amber says that she is currently dating an “amazing man,” who is the “opposite” of the guys she’s dated in the past. (Thank God!) 

Amber shared the following photo on October 23rd of her new matching tat that she got with her mystery man. Stating, “All fixed 🙂 tattoo with my babe.” They got the words “True Love” on their wrists in Italian. (I’m pretty sure it’s Italian anyway.) How romantic!

B0qvwcjIcAAXYaI (1)

What do you think of Amber’s new tattoo? PS: Is that a rind on her finger? Could Amber be engaged to this mystery man!? Stay tuned…


  1. What an idiot. Same old thing it’s a new boyfriend, he isn’t like the others, he is the one bla bla bla. Would be nice if its true but getting same tat on someone you just started dating is stupid 101!

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