Leah Calvert’s Desperate Attempt to Cover Up Marriage Crisis


As I reported recently Leah Calvert and husband Jeremy Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2’ are ending their marriage after Jeremy publicly outed Leah for cheating on him with her old highschool boyfriend Robbie Kidd.

Leah has publicly denied that she cheated on her husband while other sources reveal that Leah admitted to Jeremy that she did cheat. There is a whole elaborate story about Jeremy’s father witnessing Leah sneak Robbie into her home which you can read about here.


Jeremy deleted his original tweets about the cheating but has since been retweeting fans who are talking about the cheating. He also recently tweeted the following:

Jeremy has also stopped following Leah and has listed himself as “divorced” indicating that he is filing or has already filed for divorce. Now Leah seems to either be in complete denial about the situation or she’s desperately trying to cover up her marriage crisis.

Jeremy did not respond to Leah’s tweet but several ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans did and the majority of them did not buy what Leah had to say one bit. Usually in situations like this, if it’s all just nasty “rumors” the people involved hop on twitter and send some quick tweets letting everyone know that it’s all untrue. Unfortunately neither are really doing that so there is definitely something going on. Jeremy’s family maintains that Leah did cheat while Leah’s family continues to deny the claims.


Adding even more drama is Leah’s ex husband Corey Simms who is currently battling for primary custody of the twins. According to the Ashley Corey also confirmed Leah’s cheating to Jeremy! I guess we will just have to wait and see how this all turns out.

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