Jenelle Evans on Where Her Life is Now “I’m so happy I could cry”


Jenelle Evans may not be the best life-decision maker out there but she certainly has been able to stay out of trouble lately. I think this is even the longest she has stayed in school and not gotten arrested!

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is currently training to be some sort of medical assistant and got herself CPR certified. She took to Twitter to reflect on just how far she has come.

She followed that up with a tweet stating: “Hate on me now! #JustSayin” Well of course people still took her up on that and started tweeting her that she should probably stop playing video games all the time and do some actual work or something. A lot of people are speculating as to where on Earth Kaiser is when Jenelle is playing video games with Nathan but come on… at least she’s off the heroin. Progress.

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