Leah Calvert Feels like a Prisoner in Her Own Home -Report


Leah was really happy to be leaving her home today indicated by her sweet tweet this morning that stated: “On my way go see my big sister and get my hair did with miss Addie bug and then go to the twins Halloween party at school. #PerfectDay

Leah is probably relieved to get out of the house and focus on her children, according to Life & Style the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star has been feeling like a prisoner in her own since the cheating scandal.


“She feels totally trapped, with her in-laws’ house only a few feet away,” an insider told the magazine. “She feels like her every move is being watched.” Jeremy’s father is the one who claims he saw Leah sneaking her ex-boyfriend into the home she shares with her husband. Meanwhile Jeremy’s mother has been vocal on social media about Leah’s alleged cheating.


  1. leah for get wat thoses people thank about u ur a great mother ur kids love u alot ik wat ur actually going through im disabled myselfy i have autizume n autistic but i still can get around in my truck with out people thanking how i am so dont let it scare u for the rest of ur life k if i could get u to illinoise i would right away with out people talking bad about u i like u just the way u r

    • Where in the hell did you learn to spell. Holy crap!!!!! Leah is dumb but, your pretty damn stupid too.lmao

      • @Jenny brown. You need to read their whole comment before you go making your self look like a total ass. I only hope you don’t become disabled or have any disabled children or family members one-day and someone makes fun of them about how they spell or whatever the case may be. Shame on you. !!!!!!!!!

        • Also, not only is Jenny making an ass of herself, she’s PRETTY DAMN STUPID! Telling someone to learn to spell correctly and she can’t even use the word “your” properly. It should’ve said “you’re”!
          You + are = you’re!

      • Wow, great way to show the coldness this evil world holds. She’s special needs. She was voicing how much she supported Leah. And if you won’t like Leah then stop obsessing over her. You’re the creep, but anyone else.

    • Leah is a great mom and everyone makes mistakes. Has it even been proved she cheated? I haven’t heard it was. Leah is pretty and young and she is amazing with her kids

  2. Jeremy’s father (or stepfather) caught Leah on a deer cam footage sneaking Robbie into her house through a window when Jeremy was not home.

    • That’s what his father accused her of. Its not proven yet. Until it’s proven, I do not believe it. She’s not stupid to throw away a marriage over a stupid child boyfriend.

  3. Wow what an ass! Karma is coming for you evil hearted person who is too stupid and dumb to read a paragraph before opening your big illiterate mouth making a foul of yourself. Go stick your foot in your mouth somewhere else idiot! Leah you’re a great mother screw the idiots that don’t have anything better to do then judge what they don’t know!

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