Catelynn & Tyler Visit Carly! Plus New Baby Bump Photos!

My man is the best man... he is the world's most amazing father love him with all my heart and soul. - Catelynn Lowell
My man is the best man… he is the world’s most amazing father love him with all my heart and soul. – Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra of ‘Teen Mom’ visited with their daughter Carly and her adoptive parents Branden & Teresa over the weekend! Cate and Ty get to visit Carly once a year and they also receive photo updates in the mail. The couple have maintained a good relationship with Branden and Teresa over the years.


Catelynn shared a very special surprise she and Tyler received for their bun in the oven, “The BEST gift for our new little girl was from Brandon and Teresa… Carlys first baby doll and two outfits she wore as a baby… I about balled and this is the most precious thing to me now…. for our daughter to have some of Carlys things are beyond amazing and touching… something I will never forget…



  1. Ugh, breeders. Why do we celebrate teen pregnancy but shame people who do the smart thing and don’t, or at least hold off, on having kids till they are financially stable?

    • I wouldn’t call two babies a breeder. Catelyn and Tyler are in there twenty’s. Not teens anymore. Been together 9 years and they both have jobs. What’s the problem with that?

    • The Show Was Started Out Trying To Promote Safe Sex And Not To Have Babies Super Young. But Now Everyone Thinks It’s Adorable And Are Having Babies Young!

    • they are not teens anymore. and they are financially stable now! they placed their first baby up for adoption because they knew they werent ready. sure u can argue they shouldnt have been having sex if they werent ready..but u know what thats what teens do now a days! they have sex. thats kinda what the show 16 and pregnant was all about…that if your not ready you shouldnt do it! being a mom is hard no matter how old you are. but teen pregnancy is hard a problem in our country and thats what mtv was trying to show. that was the point of the show…not to glorify it in anyway..and definately not to “celebrate” it either. yes these girls are famous now…but who cares. good for them that they were brave enough to put their stories out there to share and helpfully educate people on how hard it is to be a teen mom and if your having sex as a teen and watch this show maybe you will be more careful or maybe you will stop having sex all together….if you seen the show at all you would see the girls struggle. dont go calling people “breeders” just cuz they went and had a baby. that baby is still a human being. not a dog.

    • They are financially stable. One of the reason why they are having another child. Before they were living with there drug addict parents and weren’t ready financially so they made the best decision .. breeders? They’ve been together for like ever … and have 2 kids… they have a house everything they needs wtf is the problem

      • Do you think that their first born daughter will hate them for giving her up and not her baby sister , I know their lives have changed for the better and I’m so happy for them , or do you think she will see that they done in to benifit her in the long run ? X

  2. I find some of these comments such as the “breeder” comment very offensive I am 19 years old with a gorgeous 8 month old daughter her father and I both graduated from high school and I also did dual enrollment to get my CNA before I graduated and before she was conceived we take care of our child ON OUR OWN we work and live a decent life and her father and I are married yet simply because we are young we get bashed as parents being called “breeders” “whores” “irresponsible” well my daughter was 100% planned and I am a Damn good mother she is a happy and healthy baby and has everything she could ever want so just because you had kids at a late age (which was probably a result of dumb luck because I’m sure every person bashing us young parents had sex before they were 25 or 30) doesn’t mean we should be criticized for OUR choices in life. If you don’t pay our bills, tend to our needs keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

    • I deeply agree with u a lot of these comments are really degrading and really over board. I think it’s amazing that you are a great parent . I personally feel like you may be young but you are able to take care of your child and that makes u a awesome parent. I know some people 20-30 having children and still can’t take care of them. So some people really should think before they speak. I applaud u as a lady and as a mother.


  3. Im 28 years old I had my first child at 17 and my second 19 I run my own business as a childminder,and it really irritates me when people are so judgmental, I applaud Caitlin and Tyler for choosing to place their first daughter up for adoption, it shows strength and courage, it shows that they were great perents even before Carly was born by making the decision of adoption at the age they were.
    Their lives are very different now, but some people choose not to see that they choose to judge them for having a second child, sorry but life doesn’t stop, and by having a second daughter and being able to raise her themselves doesn’t mean they love Carly any less.. People need to get of the judgemental bandwagon..
    Congrats Caitlin and Tyler on the birth of your second daughter.. Xxx

  4. When them baby’s grow’s going to be tough to explain, why one is kept and the other baby went to open adoption…
    I wish her the best wishes in the future,and be strong.

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