Farrah Abraham Promotes Sex Toy Line While Dressed as… Elsa??

10359400_883344575023808_8367210357412077689_nFarrah Abraham isn’t necessarily known for the classiest of moves, which is why we’re completely not surprised that she decided to dress up as Elsa from the popular Disney movie, ‘Frozen’, to sell her sex toys. Yes, you heard that right.
This all went down at Hustler’s in Hollywood early this week. Then Farrah, or should we say Elsa, decided to party alongside non other than Hugh Hefner. Classy, I know.
We’re still completely lost on the connection between Disney character Elsa and selling sex toys. Why dress up as a Disney character? Why Elsa, of all things? Tell us, Farrah, tell us!

Dressing up as a Disney character to promote sex toys just seems wildly inappropriate, especially considering her daughter Sophia is probably a big fan of Elsa. Seems wrong on so many levels.
But wait, is she ACTUALLY dressed up as Elsa? Is that what she was going for? I haven’t seen anywhere directly quoting Farrah as saying she is Elsa – we all just assumed. Taking a look at her costume, she could be anything. She looks like a fairy, not necessarily Elsa. Maybe everyone has it all wrong, and we should be ashamed for assuming she’d dress up as a Disney character to sell sex toys.

Farrah has retweeted a variety of tweets from different sources who say she’s Elsa. The fact that she’s retweeting these almost serve has her confirmation that she is in fact dressed up as Elsa from Frozen. What do you guys think?

Written by guest blogger Jordyn from MyMTVShows.com


  1. She is by far one of the nastiest people ive unfortunately had to watch. I love teen mom, but can’t understand how people keep her around? She needs help, clearly. Im so sick of articles aboht her. STOP! Please!

    • They keep her around for this exact reason. Regardless if you hate her or not. Bad news/good news = Good news , which in turn = fame and money. Paris Hilton and many others as an example. They keep her for ratings. Every show has that hunk or babe and at least one person no one can stand.

  2. All I can say is if this was my daughter or family member I would be ashamed embarrassed humiliated and frankly disown them.

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