PHOTO: Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Gets HUGE Tattoo of Her Name!!

Amber Portwood and her mystery lover recently got matching tattoos of the words “True Love” in Italian on their wrists. Well Mystery man wasn’t satisfied with that… he had to go get Amber’s name written across his forearm! 


Amber shared the photo of her man’s new Tat with the caption: “I think he loves me? Lol baby surprised me with this the other day.” As much as I’m against getting a tattoo of a significant other’s name (unless you’ve been married for like 10 years) I do think this tat is very sweet. There is a heart over the ‘A’ and also a music note. Amber expresses in her book ‘Never Too Late’ that she is rather passionate about music, so it’s very sweet to see that included.

What do you think of Mystery man’s new Tat?


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