Robbie Kidd Opens Up About His Hook Up With Leah Calvert!


Leah and Jeremy Calvert are currently working through a huge crisis in their marriage with that whole Leah allegedly cheating with her old boyfriend Robbie Kidd thing… 

Meanwhile Robbie has returned to social media just in time to soak up the spotlight, tweeting and giving interviews. He even went on a fan radio show to talk about Leah and his part in this whole mess. He still maintains that he did not hook up with Leah recently… but he did give some interesting details of his infamous hook up with Leah right before her Wedding to ex-hubby Corey Simms.

Apparently after that incident Corey and Robbie met up to talk about it. (Too bad MTV cameras didn’t catch that!) “One time we met up in a parking lot and spoke,” Robbie said. “He asked me about it and I told him plain what had happened…I guess she had drank a bunch, and I had been partying myself, and we had been talking and it just happened.


Robbie went on to say that he has not spoken to Jeremy about the current cheating scandal… and that “Jeremy doesn’t want [Leah] in contact with anybody that’s associated with me.” Which is unfortunate because Robbie is currently rooming with Leah’s very own brother.

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