PHOTO: Jeremy Calvert Living in a New Mobile Home?

Leah and Jeremy Calvert have been struggling in their marriage recently with allegations of cheating and drug use against Leah and twitter outbursts by Jeremy.

The good news is that Jeremy is no longer listed as “divorced” on social media and the couple seem to be trying to work things out. The bad news is that Jeremy still might not be ready to move on just yet. He recently tweeted “Just about tired of keeping my mouth shut!” He followed that up with a photo of a Summit RV and the caption: “Home away from home.


Jeremy works in various locations for extended periods of time so it’s possible that the new mobile home is just for while he’s at work. However the timing of this picture is rather interesting. He’s had this job for a very long time and always seemed to stay in hotels. Could this mean that Leah and Jeremy are still not living under the same roof? Maybe they just need some space to work out their issues. What do you think?


  1. I think jerermy and Leah needs space to work out there prombles I hope they can be a family because they are very cute together with there kids

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