VIDEO: Catelynn & Tyler Discuss Considering Abortion During Their First Pregnancy And Why They Couldn’t Do It

cate and tyler teen mom abortion

Catelynn and Tyler are expecting their second child this winter, but before they were pregnant again they were traveling the world telling their story of placing their first daughter up for adoption. Dublin, Ireland welcomed Cate and Ty to tell their story during the Love Festival. Catelynn opened up about finding out she was pregnant and how she briefly considered abortion before deciding on adoption. 

When I found myself in that scary situation at such a young age, it did pop into my head for a second, even though I was against it my whole entire life. I was crying about it, I knew it wasn’t right,” Catelynn explained. “[Tyler] printed out all the procedures, pictures, what they do, and he showed them to me and it just enforced it even more. I’m like ‘there is no way I’d be able to live with myself if I killed my child.‘”

Catelynn and Tyler Abortion

Tyler goes on to explain that he did a lot of research about abortion and the procedures at each trimester and learned a lot about it. This helped the couple cancel out abortion as an option so they could later agree that adoption was the right option for them.

If you’d like to watch the interview you can do that below. Skip to 1:25 for Catelynn and Tyler’s portion of the video.

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