Leah Calvert Speaks Out About Marriage Struggles


Leah Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2’ has been trying to stay positive on social media in the wake of her alleged cheating scandal. Husband Jeremy Calvert is working “7 days a week” right now , according to Leah, and living out of an RV. Meanwhile the rumors of Leah’s cheating and drug use have been spreading like wildfire. 


She has been quiet on social media for the most part but has recently asked fans for prayers while she had a meeting with “someone special.” Leah didn’t mention who the special someone was but it could very well be her husband Jeremy. The couple have been following and unfollowing each other on Twitter. Tweeting and deleting as well. It looks like they are trying to work things out but are struggling to do so. Which makes Leah’s recent post to Facebook rather interesting, “Great marriages are the result of two people who struggle through a challenge but find a way to stay together in the process. #‎marriagetip.

Leah has been staying strong and seems to have a great deal of faith that her marriage will make it through this rough patch. She states on Twitter that “Failure does not mean that you’ll never get what you want, sometimes failure means that you have to fight harder for something better.”

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  1. Leah keep the faith and I hope things do work out for you and Jeremy. My prayers are with you. Believe in yourself and don’t let what others say hurt you and Jeremy.

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