Jenelle Evans & Briana Dejesus New Twitter Feud

The cast of Teen Mom 3
The cast of Teen Mom 3

Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ was recently called out by former ‘Teen Mom 3′ star Briana Dejesus for a negative article about Briana and her boyfriend which was posted to Jenelle Evans’ ‘Teen Mom’ gossip site, Teen Mom Truth. (Whether or not the site actually ever contains “truth” is debatable.)

The post was about Briana’s boyfriend posting some distastful photos to his Twitter account. Which isn’t surprising considering some of the things I’ve seen Briana post in the past. When Briana saw the article she lashed out at Jenelle stating, “B—h U don’t even have custody of UR 1st kid! U have horrible judgment urself so keep UR comments to urself,” Briana tweeted-and-deleted according to and then added, “I hate this crack head girl always tryna make money off of me.

2014-01-10 16_44_32-Jenelle Evans (PBandJenelley_1) on Twitter

Jenelle Evans admits that she is not even the one writing the articles for the website and had no idea any of this was even going on. “I made fun of some TM3 chick? Uhm.. When? What’s her name again?” Jenelle then added, “I didn’t write that. I have two people that run my accounts online besides myself.

Do you think that Jenelle should take responsibility for what is posted to her ‘Teen Mom’ website if she is profiting from it financially?


  1. This is stupid briana is still a kid her self jennele has her own shit together and getting custody for her some I liked brianna but lowkey she stupid she a grown ass woman still ltting her mama tell her wat to do bitch keep yo shit to ur self if u don’t want no body talkin shit to. U period u jst letting ppl make money off u

  2. I used to not be able to stand Jenelle. She has really grown and has her shit together. Brianna on the other hand, I liked her at first but I then relaized she is extremely immature when the cameras arent rolling. Plus her family is a jerry Springer family. I mean didnt her mom throw a lamp at Devon? And her sister lash out on a reunion special? Ghetto fab I guess. lmfao

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