Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Set Up a Room for Emery! PHOTOS

Nathan Griffith daughter

Although rarely mentioned on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Nathan Griffith has a daughter named Emery. He doesn’t get much visitation time with her (about once a month to my knowledge) and it’s unclear why exactly it’s so limited. Emery’s mother doesn’t have custody of her either so much like Jace, Emery lives with her grandmother full time.


Jenelle’s son Jace has always had a nice room set up for him in their home for his weekends with Jenelle and Nathan so it’s about time they set up a space for Emery too! Nathan tweeted this photo stating, “I’m so glad I have [Jenelle] to help me decorate! I’m glad she’s taking a part in my daughter’s life!


Jenelle is welcoming of Nathan’s daughter and says “She [is] just as important to me as the rest of the little ones in our family.”

UPDATE: Check out little Emery getting to see her new room for the first time!


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