Leah Calvert Confirms She QUITS ‘Teen Mom 2’


Sad news for ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans, Leah Calvert has decided to no longer take part in the show, most likely due to the broken state of her marriage to second husband Jeremy Calvert.


Leah confirmed via Twitter that she will not go on to a season 6 of the show. An insider tells The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that Leah is scarred of airing another divorce on television because of the terrible backlash she has gotten from the first one. Sources also say that the show will go on with just the three remaining girls, Chelsea, Jenelle and Kailyn.

Teen Mom 2 Cast

No premiere date has been set for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 but my guess is that it will air next year after the new season of the original ‘Teen Mom’ show.

UPDATE: It’s now being reported that Leah’s real reason for leaving the show is because she’s in real danger of loosing custody of her twin daughters Ali and Aleeah. The footage from the show is making Leah look bad according to an insider and Leah is “ready to leave her reality TV life behind.


  1. Leah I just want u to know that I will miss seeing u and all of ur beautiful girls u r a great mom and I wish u wouldn’t leave because u will be missed terribly but all n all I hope every thing works out with u.

    • Hi Leah my Name is Brenda Poe and I am from Tucker County and I just want u to know that I will miss u terribly and I hope everything works out with u and I just want u to know that I hope every thing works out with u and I hope u come back to teenmom 2 because u will be missed but I under stand.

    • Will be sadly missed. U r a awesome mom. Haters will hate but don’t pay attention. They just hate their own life. I and the girls r great. Relationships r hard but just don’t give up. I hope you change your mind and stay or come back.

  2. Leah, I am sad to hear you are leaving. I relate to you in so many ways. I to have a special needs child and have another child. I go through emotional break downs and just keep going for my children,You are a great mom. Relationships are hard when you have a special needs child, I couldn’t imagine how it is on Jeremy He will not fully understand the pain you (and corey)go through. I will miss you and your girls and the inspiration your family gives me. Remember as much as us special moms hate to hear it but ” God only gives special children to those who can handle it” You go this girl. Never give up!!

  3. Leah you and the girls will be missed! I was a teen mom and I enjoy seeing you with your girls! Hope all is well with you and the girls!

  4. Hi Leah. I am a 36 yr old divorced mother of three. Me and my 5 year old daughter never missed an episode of TM2. There will be haters out there they are everywhere you go. It may hurt at times but you should pull through. It will be okay and half of America is either divorced and won’t take the chance of marriage. By you staying even though tough you could show other teenage girls that it isn’t love marriage babies and ever after that it is reality and the medical conditions of Ali, some of us parents are there to watch and see her progress. Don’t give up, reconsider. I’m rooting for you and the rest of the moms. Hugs, Nicole -Ohio

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