PHOTOS: Jeremy Calvert Hangs at Bar Where He’s Allegedly Talking to Girls About His “Divorce”

It was recently reported that Jeremy Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2’ was hanging out at a Buffalo Wild Wings close by his current job location where he was having drinks and hitting on girls.

One girl in particular caught Jeremy’s eye so he had his friend hang onto her number for him. “He said a lot of girls want his number but he was making his friend keep her number if she gave it to him so it wasn’t in his phone because he said he’s going through a divorce,” a source (who was there that night) told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “He was probably shocked she turned him down!

Now a couple of photos have surfaced thanks to a young woman who appears to work at the restaurant. The one above is from the night The Ashley is referring to and the one below was posted today. Jeremy’s most recent tweet was simply the word “done.” His previous tweet was slightly more detailed. “Who has two thumbs and don’t give a f*** ? This guy!! Lmao great ‘qoute‘”

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