Jeremy Calvert Files for Divorce – Report


Leah and Jeremy Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2’ have only been married for two years but it looks like their relationship has come to an end. It’s now being reported that Jeremy has filed for divorce.

A friend tells InTouchThey’ve been having problems for a while now, and Leah cheating in October was the final straw… She always thought she’d be able to win him back. The fact that she can’t has made her a total mess. She’s hit rock bottom.


Leah’s sister Victoria stated via social media that Jeremy has wanted “out of the marriage” for a while now. Leah still denies cheating on her husband.

Leah wronged Jeremy and now she’s begging for his forgiveness but he’s totally done with her,” says the insider.


This all contradicts a new report from Rumorfix in which another insider says that Leah and Jeremy are still “working on things and have not gave up.

It’s hard to say what exactly is happening right now but Jeremy’s last tweet doesn’t make things look too great for them.


  1. i think Leah needs to realize that she’s married to Jeremy and he’s not just a boyfriend and your not pretending anymore your married your not playing games it’s for real Jeremy did not marry you to get cheated on. He married u cause he loves u with all his heart (he’s not in this relationship to be playing games he’s in this marriage to be loved and also to be a family

  2. Does anyone know how lonely it is to have no affection from your husband and have him working all the time to avoid having sex with you? It is the worst feeling in the world. Did Leah mess up by having an affair (if this truly happened)? Yes! But some of you who just go right into judging this girl, you need to feel the loneliness she has felt for the past couple of years with this guy before you make any judgments! Rejection from your husband is the one of the worst feelings you can have…Loneliness in a marriage is a bitch….

    • She knew what it was like when married to Corey. She knew what Jeremy did for work. If she cheated then yes she doesn’t deserve any pity as she clearly hasn’t learnt from the first time. What a life… 3 kids, 2 divorces. She needs to put her kids first not look for a man to keep her company while her husband works to support her!

    • Are you serious right now? Loneliness is not an excuse to cheat, there is no reason to cheat. As a military spouse that has done separation for tours of duty I have experienced the loneliness first hand.

  3. She is doing her best she can for being a mother of 3 kids I hope her and her hubby can work it out Leah keep your head up girl you can do it

  4. Wasnt Robbie like an ex of Leahs from when she was married to Corey……….the thing about the world wide web you dont really know whats real and whats not and i get it shes in the spotlight because shes a Teen Mom star but shouldnt we give her the benefit of the doubt? Stop hating on this girl for what did or did not happen!

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