Mackenzie Douthit Talks About the Day She Was Diagnosed with Diabetes


Mackenzie Douthit of ‘Teen Mom 3’ recently opened up about the day she was diagnosed diabetic in her new fitness blog. Mackenzie explains that as a child she had trouble learning because of her unknown illness and it wasn’t until her teen years that she found out about it.

I probably made the worst grades out of any grade-schooler around me. My brain just did not function how it was supposed to (due to being an undiagnosed Diabetic) and I hated the fact that all my teachers begged my mom to put me on all this medicine saying I needed it because I was slow. They literally had me convinced I was mentally-challenged even though my Mom knew it had to be something else.


The day that Mackenzie was finally diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes was on her sister’s birthday after drinking 6 glasses of soda during dinner her mother curiously decided to check her sugar levels. Mackenzie’s father is diabetic also so they were able to easily check. When the test revealed Mac’s sugar level was high her mother feared the worst.

She was pale and I could tell she wanted to cry. She grabbed my hand and took me to the hospital only to find out my blood sugar was 698 and I would have to live the rest of my life taking shots to stay alive. OK….WORST DAY OF MY LIFE, AND WORST BIRTHDAY PRESENT TO MY POOR SISTER.

Mackenzie now has her diabetes under control and has started a fitness blog to talk about eating and exercising so she can perhaps help others lead a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Ok..major info lacking here. .hopefully her blog clears some stigmas of diabetes up. There’s two types of diabetes. Type-1 (her type) is not preventable. You are born with it…or your not, it is not preventable and doesn’t go away. So soda had nothing to do with it..neither did weight, food, or exercise. It is because her pancreas broke.

    • I apologize, she has type 1 diabetes. She puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that she was pounding down sodas and that is what alarmed her family that something was wrong.
      She cares deeply about diet and exercise because no matter which form of diabetes you have this is something that you have to focus on in order to be healthy and keep your sugar levels under control.
      I hope that clears things up for you!

    • I think they were stating her symptoms, drinking a lot, peeing a lot, get it? That’s a HUGE symptom. That’s in fact what made my step mother realize i was potentially diabetic at 11 years old. I was able to drink up to 7 glasses of water or whatever was in front of me, in one sitting. Get it yet? Also losing a significant amount of weight is a HUGE symptom. I weight 60lbs & looked deathly I’ll by the time we caught mine. So yes, weight is a huge factor. Also pancreas’ don’t “break”, they simply quit functioning as well, almost quit functioning at all. Pancreas’ actually continually produce insulin but our (type 1 diabetics) bodies kill off the insulin it does produce, our immune systems are too weak to save it & use it.

    • You need to get your facts right. You are not always born with type 1 diabetes. I got it at 12. If I was born with it I would have been dead way before 12 years old.

    • I have diabetes since was 6 years old , i wasn’t born with it. A few days after my birthday i got really sick and thats when i found out

    • Exactly! Thank you for saying something! So what if she was pounding down pop, she didn’t know she was diabetic at the time. I have lived with type one diabetes for 24 years, I was diagnosed at age three. It is genetic, its not like type 2 where you CAN prevent it. Hell, I have had diabetes all my life pretty much and I still have days I cheat! On the fourth of july I had a glass of pop and a piece of angel food cake. I hardly ever do it so I thought it would be ok and guess what?!?! I WAS OK! I took some extra insulin and was just fine! I think her song is a little corny but I think she is doing great getting that awareness out there!

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