Catelynn & Tyler Decorate Their Home for Christmas! Photos!

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is on it’s way and no one does Christmas quite like Catelynn and Tyler of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ “Christmas has officially vomited in my house haha!” Tyler Baltierra states with several gorgeous photos of their fully decorated home.

Catelynn Lowell Christmas House

Catelynn is only 6 weeks away from having a new baby girl in the house, she and Tyler couldn’t be more excited! Check out the rest of their holiday photos below and leave a comment letting me know if your home looks anywhere near as festive!


  1. I think the house looks great. Catelynn you inspire me you are my favorite teen mom out all of the girls what you did for your daughter was very brave. I am adopted myself and what you did was very hard for any parent to do but I am proud of you for keeping your head up your daughter is beautiful. Good luck with the one on the way keep up the good work.

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