Leah Calvert Turns to Church That “Embraces Forgiveness and Recovery”

While dealing with allegations of drug abuse and dealing with her failing marriage to second husband Jeremy Calvert, Leah of ‘Teen Mom 2’ has decided to renew her religious faith by turning to the church during this stressful time. 


She’s started going to a church that embraces forgiveness and recovery. She’s determined to make a complete turnaround,” a source tells InTouch magazine.

Leah was spotted at a service on November 22nd in which the pastor (also a recovering addict) spoke about substance abuse.


He said that bad habits like drugs, sex and alcoholism can be broken when one finds Jesus. Leah was nodding her head in agreement the entire time,” the witness said. “It seemed to really hit home for her.

Lets hope that Leah finds the help she needs to get her life back on track!


  1. Leah I hope things work out for you. Always believe in yourself because you are important and deserve the best. You are a good Mom. You have 3 beautiful children who love you very much. Good luck to you and keep up the faith.

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