Former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham was not asked to return to the show for it’s season 5 reboot… at first… but now it looks like producers have given her another chance.

After staring in 2 pornographic films, touring strip clubs and porn conventions around the nation and molding her own naughty parts for a line of sex toys… it was pretty obvious that Farrah was going in a different direction with her life and that MTV wouldn’t be welcoming her back any time soon. But according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Farrah wants back on the show and the producers are going to allow it. (If not for the upcoming season perhaps for season 6. That is yet to be revealed.)


She has been in contact with the show’s producers recently and has made promises to change her image back to something more appropriate for the show’s audience.

The news is pretty shocking considering all the negative feedback Farrah has gotten from ‘Teen Mom’ fans around the world. Do you think Farrah should be allowed back on the show?

UPDATE: Despite multiple close sources confirming Farrah’s return, she says that the rumor is untrue and that she has “no need to change.” I guess time will tell whether or not Farrah will really be making a comeback on a future season of ‘Teen Mom’ or any other reality tv shows.