Farrah Abraham Returning to ‘Teen Mom?!’ Dun Dun Dun


Former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham was not asked to return to the show for it’s season 5 reboot… at first… but now it looks like producers have given her another chance.

After staring in 2 pornographic films, touring strip clubs and porn conventions around the nation and molding her own naughty parts for a line of sex toys… it was pretty obvious that Farrah was going in a different direction with her life and that MTV wouldn’t be welcoming her back any time soon. But according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Farrah wants back on the show and the producers are going to allow it. (If not for the upcoming season perhaps for season 6. That is yet to be revealed.)


She has been in contact with the show’s producers recently and has made promises to change her image back to something more appropriate for the show’s audience.

The news is pretty shocking considering all the negative feedback Farrah has gotten from ‘Teen Mom’ fans around the world. Do you think Farrah should be allowed back on the show?

UPDATE: Despite multiple close sources confirming Farrah’s return, she says that the rumor is untrue and that she has “no need to change.” I guess time will tell whether or not Farrah will really be making a comeback on a future season of ‘Teen Mom’ or any other reality tv shows.


  1. No I don’t think so cause no one wants see her. She supposed to be a decent role model to other teen mom out there I think she needs to prove to the ppl on the show. That she’s a changed person. Amit that she was wrong and mean it. Also promise that she will never go back to doing pron and be role model

    • Christina who are you to say Farrah did something “wrong” …. What she did was not more than woman do with their boy friends or lovers – out of marriage… So are you a virgin? Or did you wait to have sex before getting married to your husband? If not your dies like Farrah or any of these woman on the show… And by the way it’s not a sin to se rights to a video… Even a sex video … Grow up and stop being judgemental

  2. NO! She is supposed to be a role model not only to her CHILD but to the viewers of the show! Obviously, she makes her own decisions & that is fine by me… But the world should not be subjected to this girls nonsense!

    • Heather who said these girls are suppose to be role models?? If so most if not all of the teen moms should not be on the show…non of them are sinless …. Nor I bet are you! So stop judging someone you don’t really know..

      • The one that really knows must be Farrah herself. You reply to every comment that doesn’t support your trashy life style. Get a clue we do not want to see you. If your low budget porn videos were doing so great you wouldn’t need to come back. All you do is whine. on every show you get your fugly face on . I do want to thank you for the laugh you gave everyone when you couldn’t get a man to go on couples counseling with you. Your a terrible daughter and role model for your daughter.

  3. Yes cuz i want to see sofia in the show she a sweet little girl n for farrah yes cuz she was cool n ppl do mistakes n deserve a second chance n ppl need to stop being so negative n leave her alone grow the fuck up already

    • Farrah is not cool . She is a whiney self absorb pig. Couldn’t stand her then and don’t want to hear or see her now. No low life want a be porn star should be on this show.

  4. shes was never meant to be a role model it was a show that show lives as teen moms not everyone is going to have boring ass lives she made money and lots of it their are millions of porn stars she is still a good mom and its only fair she be on the show she help stRt the whole thing you may not like her but that make for great TV

  5. no way!!!! the only reason she wants back on is for more money she doesn’t care about sending the right message to young adults and to help prevent teen pregnancy…shes a joke and i wont watch the new season if she is on it… i feel sorry for her daughter!

  6. She was a whiney, spoiled rotten, brat when she was on the show and now she sleeps with men for money. I think I’ll pass on anything with her name attached.

  7. If I wanted to see her in season 3&4 I would have watched these season’s. When I heard that she wasnt returning to the show it was just Amber, Catelynn and Maci. I was like yes finally I can watch the show without gagging. But I find this out that she is returning. I wont be watching. I would love ti catch up with all the girls but her, I find Farrah extremely childish, she doesn’t respect everyone. She is a total DIVA and makes it all about her. Her mother is more annoying. She has an adorable daughter but I am sad to see that little girl with such horrible people.

  8. Nope enough is enough it’s bad already that she was pregnant at 16 and now if she goes back on the show what is that going to be teaching young girls? Only that they can get knocked up when they want and then make money from a show then after use the money for a fake body and be a tramp regurdless of the concquences.

  9. Sure why not let her. Her life is her life. At least she was up front mostly about it. It’s what people made it to be. Which teen mom isn’t a Diva in person? Fame went to all of them.They all got pregnant as teenagers. That was the premise of the show. All have their different lives. Maci, Caitlyn, & Amber all have stuff going on now too. Caitlyn is/was pregnant again plus getting married. Maci is just kinda doing her stuff. Dancing between guys. Amber has been in & out of jail now. Trying to change. But even she has been hiding her new tattoo boyfriend/fiance of only a few months after screwing her FWB guys over the summer. All of them are dealing with Ex’s, Baby daddy’s, their kids and stuff they are doing. I wouldn’t say any are role models. They are just out there for us to see.

  10. No, her personality is disgusting. I didn’t like her before she was a porn star. She was a whiney, selfish little bitch. I had no sympathy for her then bc she brought it all on herself. I understand she lost the love of her life. But she took it out on herself and her poor mother! I’m gonna be disappointed if she comes back but I guess I’ll just fast forward thru her scenes like I did before. Especially since she ruined her face. She was pretty before!

  11. Omg please NO!! I couldn’t make myself watch her be an ungrateful brat the first time and I am sure not going to now! She is just disgusting from her personality to her lifestyle and I feel so sorry for her daughter.

  12. Hell no….teen mom is a show to show how hard it is to raise a kid at a young age and to prevent pregnancy…her career choice is porn and selling sex toys what kind of way is that to educate people to not have sex when she’s doing the oposite . She does not deserve to be on the show once so ever.

  13. I will defenitaly be paying closer attention to each show before I let my 14 year old daughter watch the show now!! I love this show and I thinky daughter has learned a lot about what not to do from it. Thank you girls for showing others how to prevent teen pregnancy , but also how to be a women and stand up to take care of ur responsibility.

    • Tammy so you will let your 14 year old watch Maci get more tattoos… And it’s ok that Maci is banging two men ( yes she is!) and Catlynn and Tyler is still smoking pot (yes look it up the arrest is on the web) and Amber… Which showed the world it’s ok to bet on people… Oh yes and I’d like to see you answer your daughter when she askes… So mommy you said these other girls (not Farrah) are role models… So I guess you are say it’s ok for me to have sex and get pregnant like they did… As a teen…Right cause Maci, Catlynn, and Amber did….. Your logic makes NO sense regarding Farrah.

  14. First of all … MTV contacted her… She does not need MTV or the money. Second none of these girls asked to be role models and getting pregnant as a teen which is what this show is about does not promote healty choices… The show is about their lives…. Not what any of this negative judgemental people think their lives should be, third most of these young woman have and continue to make poor choices.. From drug use, failing at school, getting arrested , fighting with family etc etc… So Farrah is not a bad apple or black sheep out of these woman… She is the most motivated and most successful. And she is the best mother out of all of them… She is home more than most mothers (and not just the ones on the show) she is home schooling Sophia, and she has successfully branded herself .. And she had a future. Yes take your shots about her adult video and adult products … But when the true comes out in her fathers book ( he is under NO disclosure with Vivid of ant adult product company … The world will know the real story… As Farrah puts in her song “blowing” ….. “Our family blows you haters away”…. And the big laugh will be be on the haters and fools that do t know the truth!

  15. And for those that think not one what’s to see Farrah, Sophia, Debra , and Michael … You are mistaken they have more Facebook hits and fans worldwide than any of the other teen moms and that’s why MTV wants them back filming… They did not beg the network like these fools are writing stories about… Yes I know lol!

    • Farrah they laugh at you not with you . Your only famous for being a s#ut. Now go get a life. Poor Sophia, she goes to school on career day you show up with a host of men that you slept with for money!!Or wide open sex toys of your vagina. Good mommy Farrah!!!!

  16. Soy una fan de españa y odio a farrah , me parece una persona asquerosa y arrogante y no la soportoo (ni la gente de aqui que lo mira tampoco)!! Todas las chicas de teen mom me encantan menos ella!! El show iva a mejorar muchissimo sin ella , aora visto lo visto si la vuelven a poner no creo que lo mire! Vale que todas an tenido sus mas i sus menos en la serie , xo esta chica es un mal bicho y una PROSTITUTAA! xfavor sacarla o os cargarais la serie . Ya tiene suficiente fama aciendo de puta en las vegas que es lo unico para lo que sirve ,hacer de puta xD ….pobre sophia la asquerosa madre que le a tocado

  17. Anyone else agree with me and the fact that “the one who really knows” is Farrah herself, i mean this person has a reply to EVERY comment against her on this page!!! GET A LIFE BITCH, if you were having record breaking sales on your whore toys and porn and making MILLIONS, then why in the hell would go back to MTV??? Teen Mom is ALL ABOUT in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE, being a good role model and showing people how hard it is to be so young having children, yeah they make good money but they also have done their jobs, and lowered the teens having babys. YOU ARE A PORN STAR, and ultimately you are NOT a good role model, you promote sex, and you will NEVER be anything but a porn star, you can’t go back from that and still sell sex toys. People who get on drugs, CAN get off of them, and not ever look back!! If Farrah ends up back on teen mom, WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT IS TRUE, they will end up so far behind Teen Mom 2 that it WILL NOT last past 1 season, because NOBODY will watch it. I guarantee that!!! That WHORE is nothing and just wanted to make headlines since you NEVER hear about her anymore!! GO TO HELL YOU WHINY SLUT!!!

    • Thank you, they must have no life replying to ever single negative comment against Farrah. I also hope she is not on the show, couldn’t stand her before the whore came out of the box

  18. I just wanted to remind everyone that her whole “derek” thing is a front.. If anyone would like to go back and re-watch her 16 and pregnant episode she was telling him that he can’t be apart of sophia’s life and that she hated him and now all of a sudden for the cameras she loves him and misses him BULL CRAP!!! Shes a liar and a fake (before and after botox) I love the show but I would hate to see her on it!!! She is disgusting and I can’t believe her actions… GET A REAL JOB and stop being so lazy. And to “the on that really knows” get a life…. no one wants your constant comments. I don’t care if shes a role model or not I don’t want MY kids watching her and thinking they want to be her or anything like her.. I want them to be the exact opposite, work hard for there belongings and don’t just lay on a bed and get fu**** for free money… Rant is over.

  19. I don’t really care if she on the show or not but I don’t think she is the best mother I think catelyn is honestly

  20. Will all I could say is that yeah she did some fucked up shit but how are we to point fingers we are not God you know we really don’t know what is her life truly we only see what cameras show us but we don’t no all of it now in instead of say so much fucked up stuff of her if you don’t like her don’t see it or just see the girls you like the only thing is well no body is perfect !!!!

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