Robbie Kidd ADMITS to Affair with Leah Calvert!


After relentlessly denying that Leah cheated on her second husband with him, Robbie Kidd has admitted to sleeping with Leah.  “Whenever things are going bad in our lives, we reach out to each other, and this is what happens,” Robbie told In Touch Weekly

Mr. Kidd explains what happened the night they hooked up. “Leah felt really alone because Jeremy’s gone a lot for work,” Robbie said.  “She said Jeremy doesn’t care about her or their family when he’s gone. All he wants to do is talk about sex.… I asked her if she wanted to come over and talk… [she] didn’t hesitate. She came right over, and one thing led to another and we had sex. We wore protection. That was the one and only time.

Leah has yet to respond to Robbie’s public confession… and Robbie doesn’t seem to care, he says : “We’ll always have a connection, but I’m tired of the drama. I’m finally happy with where I’m at in my life. I don’t want anything to do with her anymore.


  1. I think people should just leave Leah and Jeremy alone. She is a young mom with 3 kids it is really hard to handle everything and the kids on your own.

    • That’s all fine and good. But if she really wants people to leave her alone, then she needs to stop signing up to be on TV so the world can see whatever edited version of her life that MTV wants to display. She should also delete all of her social media accounts, because even when she’s not on TV, she still airs all of her family issues on Twitter for everyone to see. Everyone keeps saying that people should leave her alone, yet she is the one that keeps putting her life out in public for everyone to judge. If you want people to stop harassing and judging you, then stop giving them an open door to every aspect of your life.

      • That’s true but I think people are going a little over bored with this scandal with Robbie. I think Leah is a good mom just under a lot if stress yes I do believe that her life would be better if she was off the show and all of her “mistakes” as people put it is not out there for all to see but it’s her life I just think it’s hard enough on her just dealing with everything without others kicking her while she is down.

      • Agree with you 100% When you knowingly put your life in the public eye people are always going to comment on your life….especially when you keep making the same stupid mistakes over and over and over again!!!

    • shes on tv everyone has a right to there say when u put ur life on tv! shes stupid he works he ass off for her to feed them and clothe them and she cheats with the same man again who dont want her and u can clearly see he dont want her when he sees her with the kids he was sex thats it becuase he runs back to him everytime its a game to him she needs to grow up or be single and see how hard it will be when no one will pay her bills for her bet she wont cheat then

    • I think so to I just want to say that Jeremy should be there for Leah like a full time husband Leah can be a strong woman but she has gone through a lot right now she needs all the support she can she is a great person and a great mom just needs needs love and support of everyone even Corey if Corey looks at Leah they way he use to then maybe he could see that Leah is the same wonderful wife and mother that he fell in love with not saying they can get back together just being friends Corey please give your children’s mother a chance cause I know that Leah is a great mom she just lost her self on the way and let Mira whatever your wife’s name is Miranda sorry to bud out they are not her kids I just hate all these step kids mom’s honestly my daughters step mom bugs the hell out of me and she has no right to interfere k

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