Papa Randalicious Approves of Chelsea’s New Man!

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska of ‘Teen Mom 2’ had a hard time letting go of her trouble making ex Adam Lind, but once she finally did she found a man that Papa Randalicious calls the “Anti-Adam.”

Chelsea met her current boyfriend Cole DeBoer while reportedly pumping gas last summer. They kept their relationship pretty private until the fall when they went public with their romance!

Chelsea Houska Boyfriend Cole

According to an insider that spoke with RadarOnline Chelsea’s father Randy approves of Chelsea’s new man. “Cole and Randy got along well… He treats Chelsea and Aubree so well. That’s all that really matters.

Cole is a traffic control specialist who seems to be a much more responsible and mature fit for Chelsea. “Cole is so polite; a yes sir, no sir kind of guy,” the insider says. It’s good to see that Chelsea has found someone who brings more to the table than baby daddy drama.

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