Kailyn Lowry TM2 Eagles

‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Kailyn and Javi attended a football game at Lincoln Financial Field Stadium in Philadelphia PA to support their home team when some unexpected drama ensued. 

A woman behind the couple made a rude comment to Kailyn along the lines of “go have another f***ing baby.” When Kail and Javi retaliated at the woman the verbal argument got so heated that Stadium Security stepped in.

Kailyn and Javi were put in a holding area and then kicked out of the stadium. According to Kailyn the security guards were taking photos of them on their phones and one was even caught tweeting about the incident while on the job.


If it were true I wouldn’t be offended. Your employees are really professional! I didn’t drink whatsoever,” Kailyn fumed on twitter. Family, friends and fans are all banning together sending countless tweets to the Lincoln Stadium’s twitter account in hopes of getting the unprofessional security guards fired. Javi even ranted in an instigram video about how disrespected he feels.

The woman that started the argument was not asked to leave.

UPDATE: Here is what an eye witness had to say about what went down! The witness explains in the screen shot below that that Kailyn was the one cursing out some people a few rows back who had Javi’s friend thrown out first. Kailyn and Javi both say that they didn’t do anything until the woman made comments to them first.

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