Ali & Aleeah’s Frozen 5th Birthday Party! See All the Photos!


Can you believe the twins are five whole years old already!??? It seems like just yesterday they were born and now look at them! So pretty and grown up! Ali and Aleeah are having two Birthday parties this year. Here are some pics from the Frozen themed bash they celebrated with their mom! The party included roller skating and a pretty sweet looking Olaf Birthday cake!


Leah’s husband Jeremy was NOT at the party. Leah addressed this on her facebook fan page stating: “He had to work and could not make it to the girls birthday party. ): We were thinking of him as he was thinking of us and we missed him dearly but knew he was doing what he had to for us!” Meanwhile the reports are still flooding in of Jeremy chatting it up with other girls about his “divorce.

Leah is powering through though and putting on a happy face for her darling girls. Whatever is going on with Leah and Jeremy in their marriage hasn’t stopped Leah from being a mom and throwing an awesome party for her girls!


  1. Give the Girls a big hug for me for their 5th Birthday. Keep strong Leah. You are looking good. Great Mother to all 3 of your girls.

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