Leah Calvert’s Messages to Husband’s Lady Friend Revealed!


Leah and Jeremy Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2’ are still struggling to work out their marriage that has been in shambles since October when Leah was allegedly caught cheating with her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd. (Who has since admitted that the hook up happened.)

It was recently reported that Jeremy was chatting up a young lady by the name of Brittany and had planned to meet up with her for an overnight ‘hang out’ session. Leah later messaged Brittany personally to ask for the details of her conversations with Jeremy.


Brittany was happy to explain that Jeremy was claiming to have already filed for divorce and that his relationship with Leah was over. Brittany even revealed that Jeremy sent her naked photos! “When I showed her the [naked] shot, Leah responded, ‘Yes, ma’am, that would be my husband… [Leah] told me that really hurt and she didn’t know what to do,” Brittany told InTouch Magazine.

See the Shocking Messages HERE!

Leah was upset to find out to find out what Jeremy had been up to but was appreciative for Brittany’s honesty. Jeremy has been telling Leah that he wants to work out their marriage. Meanwhile Leah is taking a trip to Orlando Florida to be a bridesmaid in a friends wedding and enjoy some “much needed time alone.

UPDATE! Leah Responds!



  1. This is very sad yes I am kind of upset that this is happening to her again. But he is young and came into an already per-made family and then he ends up getting her locked up again with his child and another marriage and now it might be ending? Its very sad I do feel sorry for this young lady because you have your man cheating sending himself to another young lady via text and pictures I just don’t think he or her was ready to jump into a relationship not one where she was still getting over not one but two ex’es. She did not take time to hill the pain from being in her first marriage she did not stop and think. I do want things to get better but if things end I hope she don’t jump into another bad relationship cause this might just happen again. Good luck to them both my heart is with the kids.

  2. I think Leah deserves all the blame for herself and its happening to her again? Why??? She’s the unfaithful one and can’t stay in the 1 bed. She needs to keep her legs shut!

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