Leah Calvert Planning to Reveal the “Truth” in Her Own Memoir!


Leah Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2’ may be taking all her recent scandals and turning them into money. While continuing to deny that she cheated on her second husband Jeremy and that she has a drug problem Leah vows that she will “speak the truth” rather it makes her look bad or not in a new memoir about her life.

Each and everyone out there will learn a lot by reading my book that will be coming when the time is right.” Leah shared on her Facebook fan page.

Leah’s confession about writing a book came while she shared a long rant about defending herself against a facebook page that claims to be “approved” by Corey Simms and his family. Corey’s wife Miranda insists they have no control over the page but Leah doesn’t believe her. The page has been sharing articles about all of the recent Leah scandal and she has taken personal offense to it. A family member of Corey Simms commented to Leah’s facebook page explaining that the page she’s referring to is nothing but someone posting “click-bait” type articles and that it’s not run by anyone in the family.

Leah Calvert

By them allowing it then they downgrading my marriage and posting articles that are far from true and downgrading to the mother and step father of Ali and Aleeah.” She fumed. “I have no reason to downgrade anyone but just to speak the TRUTH  rather I look bad or I don’t look bad.” Looks like Leah will be joining fellow ‘Teen Mom’ stars Kailyn Lowry, Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell who have all also written books about their lives. Maybe we will actually get the full story this time?

Will you be reading Leah’s book? Will you believe what she puts in it? Sound off below!


  1. Yes I will be ready her book only because I am a big fan of hers I had kids at a young age and yes we do make some mistakes along the way but what parent doesn’t everyone should just really bac off and leave her alone she’s a human and saying bad things to her and hearing ppl write bad things wouldn’t be nice

  2. Just keep your hands on God he will take you where you need to be and just take care of your kids and love your husband I love the show watched it all the time when I’ll it b back

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  3. İ would read it, but I would hope she has a VERY good ghost writer, because Leah cannot form a simole sentence much less spell sentence! It is sad really.

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