Leah Calvert Says This Year Went From the Worst to the Best Year of Her Life!


Are things finally looking up for ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert? Over the past couple of years Leah has went from a fan favorite on the show to a full blow train wreck while on Reality TV. Just a quick recap: Leah’s alleged drug abuse has been brought to light by several sources over this past year, She was caught cheating on her second husband with the same “man” she cheated on her first husband with, AND was publicly humiliated by her husband on Twitter when he called her out on it. Meanwhile Leah was also having  a troubling custody/visitation/child support battle with her ex husband Corey. Her family and friends were also on Twitter and radio shows and everywhere else discussing Leah’s personal life… which didn’t help her at all. She was even recently accused of stealing money from her daughter Ali’s trust fund. (See the links in this paragraph for the full story on each of those situations.)


Leah has been relentlessly covering up all of the scandal surrounding the current state of her marriage but as of right now Leah and Jeremy seem to be trying to salvage their relationship. Jeremy was recently living out of a camper and chatting up other girls. (Even sending nude pics of himself!) However Leah insists that she and her husband are doing just fine. She tweeted on Christmas day, “I thought 2014 was going to turn out to be the worst year of my life, but after Dec. 8 It turned out to be the BEST by God’s GRACE & MERCY! NOW, Bring on 2015!! I love my Family!!

Jeremy disappeared from social media not long after telling the world that Leah cheated on him and has yet to return or make any other public statements about his feelings for Leah.

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