Maci Bookout CONFIRMS She’s Pregnant!

Maci Bookout Pregnant

Maci Bookout and boyfriend Taylor McKinney are officially having a baby girl! Maci Bookout confirmed to InTouch Weekly that she is currently 16 weeks pregnant and due in June!

We still can’t believe it,” Maci told In Touch, “It was a huge shock but we are very excited.” Maci was worried she would not be able to have any more children. Maci suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and was told that she might not be able to have more kids. “This baby is such a blessing. I’m calling her my miracle baby.

Maci on the cover of InTouch Magazine
Maci on the cover of InTouch Magazine

Maci is currently filming for ‘Teen Mom’ and with Catelynn Lowell also being pregnant this should be one exciting new season of the show!

Last time there was a lot of worry and concern,” she said. “It was just me and Bentley facing the world together and I had to figure things out as I went. This time I’m able to be excited because I’m older and able to give my baby the stability of the relationship that Taylor and I have.

 Many fans are concerned about what kind of example Maci is setting by not being married before having more children to this she says, “We are a little bit scared people will not be as supportive as we want them to be. Obviously I wish we could be married first, but everything will come together afterwards.


    • She probably did the amniocentesis procedure. Given she classifies as a “high risk” pregnancy, she probably qualified for it. They do an ultrasound at about 18-19 weeks and watch the baby as they put a needle through the stomach into the womb, avoiding the baby obviously and getting a sample of the fluid. They test the fluid for complications with the baby .. Such as Down syndrome for instance. But with this procedure , you can also determine the sex super early!

    • Every doctor is different, I was told at 16 weeks when i was having my girls, and 15 weeks when i was having my son.

    • I had a 4D ultrasound and found out I was having a boy at 11 weeks. New technology really can do wonders. This was back in 2008.

  1. People are worried about if shes married or not? That has zero to do with the stability of a relationship.

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