Photos! Jenelle Evans Slams Rumors That She’s Pregnant Again!

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Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ packed on a few pounds during this holiday season, just like the rest of America and many fans decided that means she’s obviously pregnant… right?

Well clearly Jenelle is a human being and is capable of gaining and loosing a few pounds here and there. And after finally taking on the role of motherhood to her sons Jace and Kaiser not to mention step-mom status with Nate’s daughter Emery… I’m sure she’s in no hurry to add another baby to the pack.

Same pants. Birthday (12/19/14) and now. Dropped some weight. Time to prepare for St. Thomas.” Jenelle wrote with side by side comparison photos.

Jenelle Evans

The sad thing about this is that all of the moms feel the need to justify their weight to perfect strangers. Many of the girls on the show felt the pressure to loose weight after being on television. What Jenelle should have said was that it doesn’t matter if she gained some weight because she’s healthy and happy.

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