‘Teen Mom 4’ In The Works??

Photo Credit: Teen Mom Junkies

Several of the ‘Teen Moms’ featured in 16 & Pregnant Season 5 took to social media to promote their “Where Are They Now?” Special. (Which you can watch HERE if you missed it!)

Autumn Crittendon shared on her Facebook Fan Page that MTV wanted the special to get at least 1 million views in order to be considered for a spin off.


Somehow… I find it highly unlikely that there will be another ‘Teen Mom’ show especially after the failure of ‘Teen Mom 3’ AND the fact that the original ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast are still filming their own new seasons.

According to  a source that spoke with Teen Mom Junkies, “The Where Are They Now special would serve as an audition for a Teen Mom spinoff.  In this way, the girls that received the most comments or publicity from the episode would be the ones that would be approached to fill a spot in the spinoff.


There has been no official word from MTV about another show being in the works but it is a pretty interesting thought. Would you watch another ‘Teen Mom’ show? What did you think of the special?


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