Big Changes Coming to 16 & Pregnant Season 6!


It’s official ’16 & Pregnant’ will never end… just kidding. Seriously though for how much this show has helped reduce teen pregnancy there are still plenty of pregnant teenagers for us to watch on TV.

Yes ’16 & Pregnant’ Season 6 is in the works and apparently it’s coming with a big twist! Instead of having individual one hour shows for each girl, the show will focus on four girls over an entire season. (Just like the ‘Teen Mom’ shows.) This should give us a closer look at the girls lives and how being pregnant in high school effects them.


Personally I think this is a great change for the show. It would be fantastic for the show to go into more detail about the struggles that a lot of young girls are unaware of. I think this will also give us time to be more invested in the girls that are featured and see more of each of their stories. It should also bring in more views each week. (Am I the only one that would miss an episode of ’16 & P’ once in a while but could NOT miss an episode of ‘Teen Mom?’)

What do you guys think? Will you be watching season 6?


  1. I really wish that 16 and pregnant would show more of the teenage boys because they go through things too. These girls didnt get pregnant on their own. Sometimes I feel that the girls get judged so much more than them because the show only focuses on the girls like its their fault they are pregnant when it takes two tangle.

  2. I would love to know if this show or Teen mom has had an affect on teenage pregnancy. All I see is people are making stars out of young ladies having children and then they go on to have more children. Do not get me wrong this starts with parents having an open dialogue with their daughters and sons about sex.

    • This show has taught me that I dont want kids in highschool because I want to have my life before having another…

  3. thats good this show acutually be helping other girls i was 18 when i got preg know im 24 n have 3 boys it is dificult but they should do a show with girl that are pregnant or had bbys in a young age that have special needs kids maybe ppl will actually think that if they have a kid it could come witg special needs like leahs lil girl

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