Jenelle and Nathan recently took what seemed to be a dream vacation in St. Thomas where Nathan proposed. Unfortunately the vacation did not go as smoothly as we all thought. Jenelle and Nathan’s brother and other guests that accompanied them on the trip ended up fighting quite a bit.

It’s not completely clear why there was so much tension or arguing between the group but Jenelle took things over the line when she wished death on Nathan’s older brother who served in the military.

WARNING this video contains strong language

You can see Nathan sit down and cover his face with his hands, clearly stressed out by the situation. The friend of Nate’s brother that Jenelle mentions was his best friend that died in combat right in front of him. Obviously a source of deep pain for him. Jenelle quickly posted to twitter after the video’s release stating:

Jenelle also tweeted, “the words that were said to me before I opened my mouth were uncalled for. Two sides to every story.” However, I’m not sure that there is ever a good reason to say such things to a veteran. (More details as they come!)

UPDATE! A second video has been posted showing more of the moments leading up to Jenelle saying those harsh words. Jenelle was actually mad that Nathan’s sister in law caught her allegedly lying about who paid for the trip and that she posted it online.

Update: Screen shots from Candice, one of the friends who was on the trip:

UPDATE: There was a lot of questions about what exactly was said to make Jenelle flip out so Patrick has taken to his youtube account to clear up the argument. Here is what he had to say:

So since everyone is dying to know what Noah said to Jenelle that got this reaction from her let me tell you since I was in the room when it all went down. They got in an argument because Nathan told Noah and his gf Paula they could charge whatever they wanted to the room and he could pay him back when his check he received from MTV cleared in his account. Well since Jenelle wears the pants in their relationship Nathan failed to tell Jenelle that he told Noah that so Jenelle was talking shit to Paula. Jenelle got scared hence the security guard. When we got in the room Noah told Jenelle he was done defending her and sticking up for her. He told her she’s a terrible mom and that since she’s still on drugs that she deserves to have Kaiser taken from her. Now remember, Noah obviously knows Jenelle better than I do and better than any of you. If you honestly think there’s something wrong with telling someone who’s on drugs that they don’t deserve their kid then you obviously have your priorities in life all fucked up. She got mad and said Nathan are you going to let him say he’s going to have our kid taken from us, Noah replied to Jenelle by saying no Jenelle not from Nathan only from you. Nathan’s a good dad. She got angry and ran out of the he room and said I wish you would have died overseas. Then she told him she wished he was dead. She was starting to tell him that she was glad his best friend had been killed but that’s when everyone jumped up. I don’t care what anyone says to provoke someone, it doesn’t warrant a comment like that. Especially if he knows something about her we don’t. All of you people defending Jenelle only know what you see of her on that stupid ass show. Do you know what I’ve seen of Jenelle on the show. That all all she cares about is herself and not Jace. She literally never mentioned Jace on our whole trip unless we were filming. Do you all know what that’s called, being fake. So anyone who chooses to defend her is obviously a fucking idiot. Your defending a person who lost custody of her first son, I pregnant with Courtland’s baby. Got an abortion with that baby, only to get pregnant with Nathan’s baby when they had only been together for 4 months. If she’s a role model you want your children looking up to then I feel bad for our future generation.

Updated: Fellow ‘Teen Mom’ star comments on the recent Jenelle drama stating “honestly I have no time for ignorant crap like that..my brother is a veteran and he’s one of the strongest men I know…

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