Leah Calvert Ordered to Take Drug Test During Court


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Calvert had a rough year in 2014 but it looks like her life has taken a turn for the better recently. During a heated court battle with ex-husband Corey Simms, Leah defended herself against claims that she was not taking proper care of her twins (especially Aliannah’s health) and also the accusations of drug use.

Several sources have confirmed that Leah developed a problem with pain killers after having surgery after the birth of her third daughter. However after that scandal came out alongside headlines of Leah’s alleged infidelity in her marriage she looks to have turned over a new leaf.


She’s telling everyone she’s determined to make a complete turnaround,” asource told In Touch.’ “She says she’s ready to clean up the wreckage from her past.

During the custody battle with Corey Leah was ordered to take a drug test due to all the allegations of drug use on her part which she thankfully passed. A family insider told the magazine, “She was a nervous wreck. When the results came back, she was ecstatic. There’s no way in hell she would ever give Corey and [his current wife] Miranda primary custody of the girls.

Leah and Jeremy Calvert are currently trying to work out their marriage and will hopefully be able to move on from this whole mess of drama.


  1. I think Leah is a great mother everyone has there secrets. Addiction is hard to overcome I struggle everyday and I commend Leah for stepping up and saying that she is ready to change her lifestyle for her her babies and her marriage. You go girl can’t wait to watch the new season!! (:

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