Amber Portwood Fights Back Against Online Criticism


‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood has come a long way over the past couple of years, but despite being sober and having paid her debt to society she’s still getting a lot of online hate.

Amber stayed away from social media while she was on the MTV hit show in order to avoid the overwhelming amount of criticism and hateful comments directed at her. Now she feels like she should be able to have that online presence since she has worked so hard to turn her life around.


I’ve worked to hard on myself and my family to still get criticism 5 years later.I have changed and worked my butt off to be sober & happy” Amber tweeted on January 27th 2015.

Thankfully Amber now has many supporters backing her up! One fan wrote, “OUR LOVE & SUPPORT 4 U WILL ALWAYS OUTWEIGH THE HATE! We love you doll!

The reality star definitely appreciates the fans that have stuck by her side and see all the good she has done over the past couple of years. “Thank you for all the support…stay warm and cuddle up,” she tweets.


2 thoughts on “Amber Portwood Fights Back Against Online Criticism”

  1. Amber you have done a great job in approving your life and you are a beautiful person and the heck what others think. Let them walk a mile in your shoes and maybe they will understand. I love you and your daughter you are a great person and please keep up your belief in yourself you deserve that.

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