Nathan Griffith Says It’s “Official” He and Jenelle Are DONE!


Trouble in ‘Teen Mom 2’ paradise, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Seem to have broken up just weeks after getting engaged. Or they just had a huge fight and as usual drag the public into it.

On January 29th Nathan tweetedI’m especially not going to sit here while God only knows what the f*** you’re doing. It’s public, it’s official. Goodbye.” with Jenelle tagged in the tweet.

He also said, “I’m not sitting here listening to your bullsh*t anymore. I’m tired of constantly being disrespected and dragged down.” These tweets were later deleted but not before Starcasm snagged some screen shots.

The theory is that this all has to do with Jenelle’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers who confessed on social media that he does in fact still love her “with all his heart.”


  1. Well I hate to be the one to say it but he knew exactly what he was getting into when he got with Janelle. Who wants to bet she will start getting high again and leave the baby with her mom. Just saying it is because of her past choices that’s all. ….

  2. Why must her past be brought up she is doing better an if nathan cant see that then he is a dumb ass

  3. I just hope that jenelle and nathan can be friends for kaiser sake. Sometimes I wonder if this is even true.

  4. I just hope nathan and jenelle can be syvil with one another and work things out for kaiser sake good luck to you guys.

  5. Well it looks like her mom be having that baby to it sad they make . A teen mom show just pick up any body to how is that show really showing kids anything really take the show off stop
    waisting our money on something is not helping kids . Jessie I know what u saying its true she and the other girls thst keeps dont dum shit dont need their kids because the kids turn out like them ………

  6. I hope that she continues to grow and go forward with life instead of fall back in to the past she is doing REALLY REALLY GOOD … what is shown on tv that she putting her life together

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