Pregnant Nikkole Paulun Arrested!

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’16 & Pregnant’ Season 2 trouble maker Nikkole Paulun keeps on creeping her way back into the spotlight with her wild antics. In case you didn’t know Nikkole is pregnant again and we are pretty sure it’s with an actual baby this time. (Read about her alleged fake pregnancy here.)

Well now Ms. Paulun has reportedly gotten herself into some hot water by shoplifting, or at least according to, being an accomplice to shoplifting. “Nikkole was booked and released without a bond and it is expected that she will face a lesser charge than the initial third-degree retail fraud charge.” According to the website.

Nikkole responded to the massive backlash she has gotten from fans via Twitter, Stating: “Listen regardless of what happened, I was in the wrong. I knew something happened and didn’t say anything about it and went along with it. I confessed and admitted everything before anyone else said a word. I feel awful that I let something like this happen to me but honestly everyone’s negative sh!t is NOT helping me. The negative shit is not good for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman. I’m remaining as positive as I can for myself and my baby. If you’re gonna talk sh!t just please don’t even tag me in it.

According to a source that spoke with Wrapped Up With Reality Nikkole plans to press charges against the arresting officer for “putting his hands on her. while pregnant.” I’ll be sure to update you guys with more info as it comes!

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