Tyler Baltierra Slams Farrah Abraham’s Father

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‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham’s father Micheal Abraham has been rather vocal on social media regarding his daughter and her shocking antics. He comes to her defense quite often but this time he did so by comparing her to a couple of the other ‘Teen Moms.’

He commented on his own Facebook status stating, “The other teen moms are not perfect. Currently one just had a child out of wedlock … Another just got pregnant with a boy friend out of wedlock… There is nothing illegal doing a adult video and Farrah…Β is a successful business woman and as another woman you ( or any one else) should take their judgmental opinion and not worry if some other people want to watch the show.

Clearly Michael was referring toΒ Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout for having second children before getting married. Tyler must have gotten wind of the comment because he later tweeted, “Well clearly you can tell by Michael’s parenting job, marriage does not raise well rounded children lol .”


  1. I have never had much respect for farrah and her parents .I think farrahs bad parenting skills is what made her basically the brat she became and still is she is going to be a terrible role model for her daughter .she should of stopped to of thought about her and what effect it will have on her.

  2. Well ok lets back up Tyler and catelynn gave up their first born because they couldn’t afford it but now with Mtv paying them money for the Teen mom shows they can afford to have another baby people have kid’s everyday rich poor middle class they seem to make it work! What is so different now? He first claimed that he wanted to go in the air force but that didn’t happen catelynn didn’t want to be left behind poor baby couldn’t hack being by herself pretty shelfish , I really think catelynn is afraid that tyler just might find someone better! So for this dumb fuck to sit their and judge someones parenting is stupid his dad is in prison for drugs and catelynn her mom looks like a junki so maybe he should just shut the fuck that hole situation is wierd his dad her mom are married so that makes them step brother and sister talk about a dysfunctional bunch of people breading ignorance. I’m pretty sure i have this right but correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. I honestly think Farrah is trying her best to be a good mom her career pays the Bill’s it doesn’t mean she is a bad person. Her Dad is just trying to protect his daughter like a father should. But Tyler is a shit head all those people treat Farrah so badly it is just sicking for people to treat a former teen mom of the show she is the only one that has not gotten pregnant a second time Katilyn Lowell maci and now catelynn and Tyler so please tell me how that makes you Tyler any better cause you’ve got a second kid let’s hope you don’t fail has a parent when your daughter maybe one day wants to become a porn star you stupid fucking ass hole. KARMA IS A BITCH FINGERS CROSSED

    • Wow, you have got to be kidding. Doing porn isn’t what made Farrah a bad person. Her selfish, insane, unstable, stupid, cruel and delusional behavior is. Her boundless narcissism is astounding! As for Tyler and Cate, you have to remember that they want a better life for their kid. They are doing pretty well considering they were not raised in a healthy, nurturing environment. Basically they are winging it. The step sibling comment was a low blow. Tyler and Cate were together first, that’s how their parents met. (I believe) That means, once again, the people who were supposed to be showing them how to live, caringredients for them, etc. Are thethe ones who made the situation so messed up. I will never understand people who take up for Farrah. She’s a cruel person to her core.

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