VIDEO: Producers Struggle On Set With Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom OG

MTV has finally released the premiere date for the revamped ‘Teen Mom’ series (Which they are now calling ‘Teen Mom: Original Girls’) along with some sneak peeks of the new season. The show will air on March 23rd at 10pm on MTV.

In Farrah’s sneak peek we see the production crew nervous about even talking with Farrah before entering her home. It looks like The Ashley was right about Farrah being difficult to work with. (Read all about that in her book ‘Teen Mom Confidential!‘)

Farrah Abraham Filming

MTV wanted some sort of ‘introduction’ for Farrah since she was not originally intended to be on the new season. This upsets Farrah because according to her mother she felt that she was made an outcast. Watch the clip below:


  1. Omg really did we not all read that she said that she did not want to come back on the show? And now here you are back on the show what the check is the problem? And we already know how she is.
    (“She’s a whore and she makes porn so what more do we need to know?”) I mean really I don’t want to see you with nothing on I mean really this girl needs to get over her self cause your not still in your world where you able to do whatever you want and no body says anything your on MTV time so baby get your shit together and stop crying and work with them people cause no body put you out you said no to coming back and I for one was happy but now that your back we all just have to deal just like you do.

    • Stop talk crap about her she dose not do porn maybe u do porn how will u fell if someone said that to u she is nice and cute and beautiful and kind

      • Look I am not out sleeping around and showing my ass to the whole fucking world and I’m not being fake or making sex toys or having a fucking blow up doll made I’m not out taking everything off for a room full of sorry ass men who can’t keep there eyes on there women and off someone who thinks its ok to change my looks or be fake or take it all off for money and then at the end of the week go home to my child and act like nothing your doing is wrong. So many your the one who needs to look cause she just made all this shit into a book and if you read I said she did two fucking sex tapes no damn body ever said she did porn I just said that what she is doing is wrong and me I would never live the damn life she is living or do the shit she is doing I look just fine the way I am. Oh and I’m very happy LADY.

  2. Shes so dramatic she expects to just randomly be part of the cast when she decided to make sex videos, sell sex toys and be nothing but a horrible example to the young girls who are in the same spot she was a couple years ago. So why would you want to show a teen parent that their option for money is selling a sex tape or selling things like that. Yes money is money and yes people do sell things like that but not a person who is put on tv to try and be a rolemodel. Shes just annoying and quite honestly does not even deserve to be back on the show!!!

  3. Wow really tour such a drama queen he asked u a simple question an u start balling like a baby!! Your daughter is more mature then u..grow up!!

  4. Wow I feel bad Sophia. To her this is how all moms act like I think she should lose her daughter she has been bad mom sense day 1

  5. For some odd reason the movie was on mute and I fixing my phone’s volume and it didn’t do anything for the sound.

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