Leah Calvert Being Investigated for Illegal Styling Business


Leah Calvert has been advertising her new hair and makeup styling business ‘Be Glossy’ via social media and with a shiny new website! The only problem? Leah and her friends who are running this “salon” aren’t certified cosmetologists.. Leah is still in cosmetology school and has quite a way to go.

A spokesperson for the West Virginia State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists told RadarOnline that “this business is very much illegal… We will be launching an investigation.

The spokesperson also explains that “as a student, you cannot perform services outside of the school.” Which we actually saw Chelsea Houska struggle with while getting her cosmetology license.


That’s not all though, apparently in West Virginia you must have a shop for clients to go to. The on site services that ‘Be Glossy’ offers are not legal in that state.

UPDATE! According to The Ashley who spoke with Gloss stylist Leslee Pannell, “Neither Leslee nor Leah are listed as cosmetologists on the West Virginia Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists’ website; however West Virginia does not currently require a license to be a makeup artist. It is legal for Leslee or Leah to do makeup services; however if they also provide facials, hair styling or any other cosmetology service, that would be illegal. On Gloss’ website, Leslee states that she is a certified makeup artist, and that she has a hair styling certification. (These generally come from attending classes put on by specific product brands.) She does not state that she is a licensed cosmetologist, and she can not legally do hair until she is a licensed hair stylist or cosmetologist.” That all being said Leslee claims, “Leah hasn’t done hair or makeup for anything, It’s all me or Crystal… we will operate just as we have for years when we do [start working again]. Never had a problem before and can’t see a problem now.”

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